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simple slide

sangeetha pulanisamy

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of android


Supervisor: Dr Masitah Ghazali Introduction Title Introduction Mobile technology is expanding vast and rapidly.

Most advanced mobile operating system is Android operating system.

One of the most crucial applications in Android mobile is navigation system such as Google Map.

People use this application to know their position regularly via 3G or GPS system and also to track any unfamiliar places. Problem Background Navigation application in android mobile phone was only customized and designed for normal people.

Mobile navigation system is really important to people who are blind -helps them to track where they are currently at and where to go.

Features of this app - blind people can input the location on the map using voice, display distance to travel, choose current location. Project Aim To build up an application that enables blind people to know their location and to navigate to other places conveniently. Project Objective To study about the requirements of the blind people.

To study and research on Android-powered mobile phones’ features.

To design and develop a navigational system using Google Map to help the blind people to navigate through the neighbourhood conveniently and improves their accessibility of using mobile phones.

To test the Direction Navigation Assistant for blind people mobile application upon development and once developed. Scope Main Scope-implement a Direction Navigation Assistant for blind people mobile application using Google Map technology.

Users that will be concentrated on blind people only.

System focused on mobile phones which operates on Android operating system and supports Google Map.

Android Emulator for PC and Android mobile phone will be used for testing the application upon development and once developed.

The coverage area for the Direction Navigation Assistant for blind people mobile application is around UTM. Project Importance Better solution will be developed as the users who are blind will be able to use navigation system without any difficulty.

The system will be developed using Google Map in Android mobile phones.

This project can be really handy for blind people who are in need of help to go from one place to another. Literature
Review Comparison between
Existing & Proposed Application Comparison between
Existing & Proposed Application Methodology Methodology Evolutionary Process Model System Architecture Design Three tier design architecture System Design Application Layer Business Layer Middleware Layer Application System Design Use Case Diagram User Use Case Diagram Location Finder (System)
Use Case Diagram Sequence Diagram (User) Sequence Diagram (System) Conclusion Summary A lot of information was gained and this really helps a lot in planning the process of developing this mobile application.

Not many realize benefits of navigation assistant application for visually impaired or blind people.

All the constraints of the application should be eliminated and suggestion for future development should be taken into consideration .

Perfectly working application will be a handy tool for all visually impaired and blind people who own mobile phones with support of Google Maps API.
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