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Natural vs Man-made structures

A look at the seven natural wonders of the world compared to the seven ancient wonders of the world. The idea behind this came from John Muir's statement, "But no temple made with hands can compare..." in regards to Yosemite park.

Cosette Heazlewood

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Natural vs Man-made structures

Natural versus Man-Made Can man-made structures compare? Background John Muir, a man instrumental in the formation of Yosemite park stated the following in 1912:
“But no temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite. Every rock in its wall seems to glow with life.”

How is this true for other natural wonders? Do they compare with man-made? Seven Wonders of the World In 1997, CNN announced a list of the Seven Wonders of the World. These include: the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, Harbour at Rio De Janiero, Northern Lights, Mt Everest, Paricutin Volcano, Victoria Falls
In 2007, the ‘new’ Seven Wonders of the World was announced. These were: Chitchen Itza, Christ the Redeemer Statue, The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Petra Jordan, the Colloseum, the Taj Mahal.
So, which are better? The natural wonders or the man made ones? The Grand Canyon Established February 26, 1919
1, 217, 403 acres
Has some of America's cleanest air
Hosts over 5 million visitors per year
Hiking it takes two days
It was formed by soil erosion over many, many years Chitchen Itza What do you think makes the Grand Canyon so remarkable? Mayan temple
Urban center for their empire from 700-1200AD
It's most recognizable structure has a 365 step pyramid - one step for each day of the year
Reminder of Mayan civilisation and scientific feats - they were the first to devise the 365 day calendar! What would make Chichen Itza important enough to put on a world heritage list? The Great Barrier Reef Over 3000 individual reef systems
Only living thing visible on earth visible from space
Larger than the Great Wall of China
Stretches over 3000km
World's largest collection of coral
Breeding ground for humpback wales. Do you think the Great Barrier Reef deserves it place on Seven Wonders of the World list? Why? Christ the Redeemer 38 meters high
Located in Rio de Janeiro
Idea for statue first proposed in 1850. Finally a committee appealed for money to construct it in 1921
Seen as a world wide symbol for peace
Made out of reinforced concrete with sandstone over the top.
Overall cost was equivalent of $250000 today
In 2003, lifts and viewing platforms were put in place to help with tourism. How would the Christ the Redeemer statue be seen as a valuable asset to Rio de Janeiro?
What makes it worth putting on the list for Seven Wonders of the World? Rio de Janeiro Harbour The bay stretches 141.62km long
The majority of Rio de Janeiro is spread across the bay
The Harbour of Rio de Janeiro is entirely natural, having been formed over thousands of year by erosion caused by waves.
It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. What do you think it is that makes the harbour at Rio De Janeiro so remarkable? Do you think this validates its position as a natural wonder of the world? The Great Wall of China About 3460km long
Built over many years, during different dynasties to protect China from attacks from the north
Once called the 'longest cemetery on earth' as so many people died building the wall (over 1 million)
It is the longest man-made structure in the world
Contrary to popular belief, the Great Wall of China can't be seen unaided from space. Why do you think the Great Wall of China is such a wonder? What challenges would have been faced building it? Northern Lights What makes the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) different to the other natural wonders? Does it surprise you it has made the seven natural wonders of the worl list? Explain. Machu Picchu An Incan site dating back to the 15th Century
One of the most famous archeological sites in the world and remains well preserved to this day
Covers over 323km2
Discovered in 1911 by explorer and Yale professor Henry Bingham
Is seen as having great spiritual significance - the site even includes a temple of the sun.
Contained a private toilet for the emperor - the only private one on site.
Was left unattended at the fall of the Incan civilisation. What is it about Machu Picchu that is worth preserving? Why are histories of other cultures important? Mount Everest The highest mountain on earth
Reaches 8.848km above sea level
On the border separating China and Nepal
More than 5000 people have climbed Mt Everest and 219 have died trying
No plants grow above 5.750km above sea level
16 people died in the 1996 climbing season, eight of them during a single storm. It was the highest number of deaths in one season the mountain has ever recorded.
In May 2010 Apa Sherpa, who first reached the summit in 1990, reached the summit for the 20th time Do you think the challenge of climbing Mt Everest adds to its wonder? Explain. Petra Jordan What makes Petra Jordan a remarkable feature? How do its 'mysteries' add to its story? Paricutin Volcano Official height is between 2774 and 3000 meters
Last erupted in 1952
Seen as being incredible because its 'birth' was witnessed by mankind (a volcano is born when magma - liquid rock - escapes through a hole or fissure in the surface)
Began to form in 1943
Incredibly fast growing - grew 3/4 of its eventual size in its first year. Do you think the fact that the 'birth' or formation of Paricutin was witnessed by humans validates its position on the Seven Natural Wonders of the World list? Explain. The Colosseum Built by the Roman Emperor Vespasian from 72-80 AD
Measures 189m long, 156m wide and more than 46m tall
In 847 the southern side collapsed due to an earthquake.
Used for gladiator fights and public entertainment
Estimated the games that took place in the Colosseum took over 500 000 lives and saw the deaths of over 1 million wild animals.
The last gladiator fights occured in 435AD and the hunts involving wild animals ended in 523AD. These both stopped because of the expense involved with getting the wild animals, training the gladiators and maintaining the Colosseum rather than the brutality of what was happening. What is it about the Colosseum that has fascinated people for so long? Would you grant it its place on the Seven Wonders of the World list based on history or structure? Justify Victoria Falls Also known as Mosi oa-Tunya, the Smoke that Thunders
Positioned almost exactly halfway along the Zambezi River
It is the biggest curtain of water in the world
The force of the water has, over time, cut out eight precipices - it is currently cutting out its ninth precipice Approximately 1.7km wide and 80-108m tallRoughly 625 million litres of water flow over its edge per minuteThe spray caused from water hitting the rocks and river below rises up about 500m into the air. What interests you the most about the Victoria Falls?
Given what you've learnt about them, do you think they deserve the name 'the smoke that thunders'. The Taj Mahal Constructed over 22 years, starting in 1631
Built by king Shah Jahan for his wife, it was created to eventually be her tomb
As many as 28 different types of precious stones were used to decorate the inside
Passages from the Quran (Koran) have been used as decoration
Depending on the time of day, the Taj Mahal can appear different colours. Some say this reflects the different moods of a woman
Originally Shah Jahan was going to create a second structure, opposite the Taj Mahal as a mirror image in black to be his tomb, however he ran out of money. What stands out the most to you about the Taj Mahal? Do you think it is worthy of a place on the wonders of the world list? Listen to the following clip. If you could have something added to the Seven Wonders of the World List, whether natural or man made, what would it be? What would you sacrifice from the list? Justify your response.
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