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All About Muck Fires

No description

Aaron Bradshaw

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of All About Muck Fires

Christian Clark All About Muck Fires "'Right out there. It's the muck fire'" (Bloor 15) Muck Fires in the novel Tangerine In the book Tangerine by: Edward Bloor
Muck Fires effect the main character Paul because, it scares him, and his mom in there
new home. "'Mom,i think something's on fire around here.'
'What? Where'"
(Bloor 13) Muck Fires in the novel Tangerine continued Also, in the novel tangerine the fire department doesn't take things to seriously unlike the real world. The fire fighters end up explaining the fires to all new residents. Muck Fires in
The Real World Wind, and dry conditions cause smoke which activates the muck fire. Can take weeks to put out, and by then it could cause a wild fire. While burning it grows foot by foot killing animals, trees, and sometimes people. Pioneer sucks dick Aaron Bradshaw "The first culprit is our prolonged drought condition."(Ruths) Muck Fires in The Real World Muck Fires are often caused by lighting strikes on dry ground. The smoke can be very damaging to your health if you live near a Muck Fire. "No. 2: our afternoon and evening thunderstorm lightning strikes." (Ruths) Solutions Before you can stop a Muck Fire you have to find it. This process can be very challenging because these fires can burn for miles underground without a flame visible. Firemen cannot go out into marshes and swamps because their equipment could get stuck. Also the risk is to great that the fire fighters could fall into an underground burning pit. One solution is to build a line where the fire cannot spred to. Keeping the ground on that line wet makes better chances the fire won't spread. More Solutions The one thing needed in all solutions is water. Sometimes sprinklers are used to keep the ground sopping while the crew are away. It is not unusual to build a small, make shift well to store and collect water. Best Solution The best solution no doubt is rain. With lots of rain it can flood the grounds and not waste the time of countless fire men who could actually be fighting life threatening fires. The rain is natural so no money will be spent on storing water and actually transporting water. Rain has to be the best because it does not need any man power to help it. All it has to do is fall from the sky . Thanks for Watching
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