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Copy of Transitioning to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC

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Laurette Whipps

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Transitioning to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC

changing our expectations for student work by changing the standards. (CCSS)
It's about...
Shift to informational text, not just literary text
70/30 informational text/literary text
Deep investigation of fewer, more complex texts
Focus on forming evidence-based arguments, both in writing and in speech
Text-Dependent questioning is critical. Focus on locating and gathering evidence from texts
Focus on building an academic vocabulary across all disciplines (Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects)
Persuasive/analytical skills are paramount
Changes in ELA Standards
Focused, deeper investigation of core math concepts
Logical progression of content to build conceptual understanding
Application of math concepts across disciplines
Focus on "why I got the answer" not just "how to do the problem"
Changes in Math Standards
It's about...
changing our expectations for student work by changing our assessments. (PARCC)
Your teacher has asked you to write a composition about a time you discovered somethng special. Before you begin to write, think about a time you discovered something special. Perhaps it was a special book, a song, or a toy. Perhaps it was a person or an animal. How did you discover it? What happened?
Old Writing Prompt
Write a multi-paragraph essay for your teacher that tells about someone or something that made a strong impression on you. Compare your experience to Kia's experience. Use details from the passage to help you explain your ideas.
New Writing Prompt
Donna buys 40 apples at 35 cents each. She eats 2 apples and sells the rest for 45 cents each. How much money does she make?
BENCHMARK-like Math Item
Donna buys some apples at 35 cents each. She eats 2 apples and sells the rest for 45 cents each. She makes $4.40. How many apples did she buy?
PARCC-like Math Item
How do we get there?
In 2012-2013, all existing ELA and Math SLES were replaced by Common Core State Standards.
All state standardized testing will align to the new standards.

2012-2013: Transitioned to Curriculum for Middle School
2013-2014: Transitioned to Curriculum for High School
What does this mean for this year?
Assesments will measure content from CCSS and noo longer Ar SLEs.
Writing prompt focuses on a key instructional shift in CCSS: writing in response to reading
How are assessments changing for this year?
In the past:
SLEs that did not align with CCSS at each grade were not considered part of CCSS but were still being incorporated for those current testing purposes and now are phased out.
SLEs have now fully transitioned to CCSS.
How have standards changed?
Identify the standards you are responsible for.
After attending training, consider incorporating the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
Begin using grade-level complex text (both literary and informational) and increase students' opportunities to express their understanding of text through writing and speaking.
How can teachers prepare now?
Common Core State Standards and PARCC Assessments
Donna buys some apples at 35 cents each. she eats 2 apples and sells the rest for 45 cents each. She makes $4.40. How many apples did she buy?
PARCC-like Math Item
It's About.......

"The Common Core State Standards:

• Are aligned with college and work expectations;

• Ready students for first-year, credit-bearing, postsecondary coursework in math and English without the need for remediation;

• Are clear, understandable and consistent;

• Include rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order skills;

• Build upon strengths and lessons of current state standards;

• Are informed by other top performing countries, so that all students are prepared to succeed in our global economy and society; and

• Are evidence-based."* * www.corestandards.org
English Language Arts
Common Core State Standards
The Indian logicians discussed various rules of inference, the violation of which would involve mistakes in reasoning. Perhaps the most important of these is the rule of the saadhya-pervaded hetu. This requires that the hetu must fall completely within the saadhya. The pervasion relation meant here is the relation of class-inclusion. Thus class A can pervade class B only if all members of B are members of A, though not necessarily vice versa. Similarly, class A is pervaded by class B only if all members of A are members of B, though not necessarily vice versa. Hence our example above is a valid inference only if the class of fire-possessing things really does pervade the class of smoke-possessing things. This relation of pervasion or universal concomitance (vyaapti) can be reformulated as the major premise of a Western syllogism: for example, ‘All smoke-possessing things are fire-possessing things.’" * * Roy W. Perrett, The Problem of Induction in Indian Philosophy, (HI: University of Hawaii Press, 1984) 162.
While you were reading that paragraph, you should have been…

•Monitoring for meaning

•Using and creating schema (visual images)

•Asking questions

•Determining importance


•Using sensory and emotional images

•Synthesizing …using metacognitive strategies – listening to the voice in your mind that speaks while you read.
What is Authentic Literacy?????
•Close reading/underlining and
annotation of text.

•Discussion of the text.

•Writing about the text informed by close
reading, discussion or annotation.

"Literacy is still the unrivalled, but
grossly under-implemented, key to learning
both content and thinking skills."

– Mike Schmoker, FOCUS: Elevating the
Essentials to Radically Improve Student Learning
"Read like a detective and write like a conscientious investigative reporter"
Overview of Reading Strand
Overview of Writing Stand
Delivery of standards is not enough. Standards are nothing
more than a guide. The impact is from the teachers and the
leaders so we have to address effective delivery and effective
professional practices.
-----CCSS will only have an impact if we require rigor in the classroom-----
We’re teaching kids to be critical thinkers, to think about their thinking (metacognate), to write and talk about their thinking in both math and literacy.
Overview of Standards for:
History/Social studies, Science, and
Technical Subjects
PARC's Definition of
Complex Texts
Three Tiers of Vocabulary
The Challenge of Tier
Two Vocabulary
Four Steps to Authenticating
Literacy Now
What's Missing
from CCSS????
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