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BollyWood Presentation

No description

Jeffrey Lin

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of BollyWood Presentation

Bollywood By: Jeffrey Lin Bollywood is the name given
to the Mumbai-based film
Indian film industry
Bollywood is considered to have the most number of films produced in the world Most Bollywood films are in the language Hindi
Most of the movies are long and have
energetic singing and dancing
These films often talk about love and are
Romeo and Juliet style story. http://neohumanism.org/b/bo/bollywood.html The word Bollywood was
created from the name of the city Bombay(now called Mumbai), and also America's Hollywood. Basic Information History In 1913, the first Indian silent film was made, and Bollywood was born
By the 1930's, Bollywood was producing more than 200 films per year
In 1931, the first Indian sound film, "Raja Harishchandra", was made, and then Bollywood and all regional film industries switched over to sound. Movie Style http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bollywood History Continued The late 1940's and 60's were
regarded as the "Golden Age" of
Indian cinema
During the Golden Age some of the most critically acclaimed Indian Films were produced
In the 2000's, Bollywood's popularity dramatically increased, and that led to an advancement in the film's quality, like special effects Video Influences for Bollywood Hollywood, when it had musicals in the 1920's and 50's.
The Ancient Sanskrit drama, which had vibrant singing and dancing.
The ancient Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Western musical television Influence of Bollywood Western musicals like "Hairspray" and "Chicago.
The British movie "Slum dog Millionaire".
Popular Music which had Bollywood filmi. Formally known as Hindi cinema Awards Ceremonies in India Filmfare Awards ceremony is one of the most
known film events given for Hindi films. Screen Awards.
Stardust Awards.
The Global Indian Film and Television Honours. Awards Ceremonies Oversea Bollywood Movie Awards, held in Long Island, New York.
Global Indian Film Awards, held in a different country. each year
International Indian Film Academy Awards(IIFA), held in a different country each year.
Zee Cine Awards, held in a different country each year. Interesting Facts Bollywood films are now including more non-Indian actors in their movies.
Some Bollywood writers and musicians have resorted to plagiarism due to short production time and budgets.
Bollywood produces about 5 times more films than Hollywood.
No Indian film has won an Oscar yet. Bibliography Thanks
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