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Tamas Giller CV

No description

Tamás Giller

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Tamas Giller CV

your future colleague
Tamás Giller
'The early years'
Széchenyi István Economic Secondary School
Summit Autó Magyarország Zrt.
Senior Consultant – Consultant
Karádi Rendszerház Kft.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Consultant
Division Manager
Financial administration, Bookkeeping
Collage of Finance and Accountancy
"I wanted to be an accountant."
Bachelor of Business Administration
"I wanted to be a great economist."
'First steps'
ERP system consulting. Responsible for deployment of new systems.

Advisory work. Handling customer problems, holding relationship with clients.

Development and consultation of accounting modules of ERP.

Organizing meetings, making user manuals.
'A big adventure started'
Australian Institute of Commerce and Language
Certificate III. in Business
Contact details
Mobile: +36206653798
e-mail: tamas.giller@gmail.com
Project manager
Summit Autó Magyarország Zrt.
'Back to Hungary'
ERP system consulting domestic and foreign (Sweden).

Good knowledge of insurance and financing software systems.

Very good overview on the operation of a car dealership. Responsible for the regular, centralized trainings for existing customers. Participating in the work of the helpdesk.

Responsible for deployment and training of integrated ERP systems.
'New possibilities with Microsoft'
Consulting on the Microsoft Navision system for small and medium-sized businesses. Project management.

Holder of the NAV 40-225 financial examination (Navision 4.0).

Writing documentations (users manuals, help cards, e-learnings), maintaining relationship with customers. Problem handling.

Coordinating the tasks between support and development team. Task delegation.
DLM Solutions Kft.
Leading the consulting team in the development and implementation of solutions that affect customer satisfaction and meet requirements as team leader.

Managing the project team for ERP roll outs and other implementations such as project manager.

Scheduling and performing activities to resolve incidents, problems and requests in a timely and accurate fashion in order to meet client requirements, objectives and SLAs.

Supervising the helpdesk and call center work.

Participating in international projects (Snapon, Softapp). Maintaining relationship with key users.

Running and speaking at training sessions and workshops (in front of 5-50 people).

Supervising the testing work of new software.

Participation in planning new software. Marketing the company’s new products. Pre-sales activity.

Improving customer satisfaction. Support for IT problems. Project management.

Responsible for coordinating IT tenders.

Reporting to the company owners. Maintaining relationship with other managers. Managerial decision making.
'A real chance'
I have more than 10 years experience in the field of Information Services (IS), especially ERP and CRM systems (consulting, supporting, implementing and managing).

I carried out more than 80 implementations related to ERP and CRM systems from small projects to the 150-user big projects.

I have people management, team management skills and other technical skills like ITILV3, NAV, CRM.

I have partner and client management skills.

I edit a professional blog about IT and IS topics (www.erpblog.hu).
'Why me?'
effective in team work
effective in individual work
good communication skills
problem handling skills
working consistently
working innovatively
ITIL V3 (Ex0-101)
Microsoft Navision 4.0 (NAV 40-225)
Microsoft CRM 3.0
IT industry knowledge
People management
Project management
Partner management
Program management
Incident management
General ERP knowledge
Ticketing systems
http://www.erpblog.hu/ – own professional blog

http://www.piacesprofit.hu/ – IT expert, consultant

http://www.computerworld.hu/ - IT expert, consultant
getting Started in the IT world
journey to down under
"I was searching for new possibilities."
"It was a very great experience."
back to work
move to Nyíregyháza
team leading in Budapest
Wife and daughter
A little summarize
In addition to publishing in national journals, I published my own book about ERP selection, implementation and operation.
You can check it here: http://undergroundbolt.hu/erp-mult-jelen-jovo
Cover page
I was on the cover page of
magazin in the fall of 2014.
English version is available at Amazon.com
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