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Homelessness in America 1930's and Now

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Elizabeth Jones

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Homelessness in America 1930's and Now

Who is to Blame?
Homelessness in America: 1930's and Now
Reasons for Homelessness
Causes of Homelessness
Decline in Public Assistance
No Jobs
Lack of Affordable Housing
Mental Illness
Domestic Violence
Teenage Homelessness in the 1930's
Many teenagers left home to find work during the great depression. These homeless teenagers were called "hobos". Many were runaways and some were even forced by their parents to leave in the hopes that they could find a better life. Some, not many, but some left home to go on an adventure.
Teenage Homelessness Today
Today, many teenagers runaway from home due to either drugs, domestic disturbances, or because they are orphaned. However, it is still a growing problem that needs to be fixed. Many teenagers runaway because they feel that no one is there to understand them.
Homelessness in the 1930's and Today
During the Great Depression, many people lost their jobs and could not afford to live in their homes. They could not provide food, shelter, clothes, and other common necessities. Many people on the streets had to go to garbage cans to eat and many died due to untreated diseases.
Today, homelessness is a growing problem. 94 percent of homeless people are single adults and 1 percent are minors.
lack of jobs
lack of pay
economy crash
search for jobs
Today- Today the economy is to blame because the US is spending more than it has and causing many people to pay higher taxes that they just cannot afford.
1930's- The Great Depression is to blame because it basically bankrupted America.
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