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Leonardo Da Vinci and michelangelo

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Dawson Huffman

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Leonardo Da Vinci and michelangelo

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
Leonardo had a lot of ideas in his head. He wrote and drew them all in his sketchbook.
Mona Lisa
He invented the parachute, anemometer,the diving suit, and many more inventions in his sketchbook.
Leonardo da vinci impacted history the most because he was one of the most amazing painter in the world.
Leonardo da vinci was the most historical influential artist because he created many masterpieces, he was more than just a painter, and he was always continuing to improve by furthering his studies.
This portrait took him two years to finish and someone paid him privately to paint it. People say that in the painting, Mona Lisa was sick and she was pregnant or she was a man in drag. Leonardo never gave the customer this painting because he felt that the portrait was never finished.
The last supper: The painting is about Jesus and his disciples eating their last meal before his capture and death. Leonardo would paint from dawn til dusk.
Leonardo's achievements
Michelangelo's achievements were the sculptor "the pieta", the Statue of David, and the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.
Leonardo had a lot of achievements, most of his artwork are still in the museams today and people still look at them, he painted Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Baptism of Christ.
the Statue of David was Michelangelos second famous masterpiece.
The pieta was Michelangelo's first famous masterpiece. He made from a huge block of Florentine mine.
Leonardo da vinci impacted on history the most because he created the most amazing art in the world. He starting painting at a young age, and He invented alot of inventions that people still use today.
The Sistine Chapel ceiling took him four years to complete (july 1508- october 1512). Pope Julilus the 2nd told michelangelo to paint the ceiling. The ceiling is about 40 meters long (131 feet) and 13 meters wide (43 feet).
the Baptism and Christ was made by Leonardo da vinci and Andrea del Verrocchio. This was the painting that leonardo did the angels holding jesus's robe. This was Verrocchio last painting.
People today still talk about Leonardo's artwork, All of da vinci's works are still at the museam, and people still talk about how he was the greatest inventor and artist he was.
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