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Ender's Game Prezi

No description

Morgan Pasterski

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game Prezi

Text to history: Text Connections Major Events Themes & Genres Start Author Background Games
Friends & Enemies
Space Travel
Alien Encounters Ender's Games Sci-Fi fun connections 1. Ender is the third child in his family and has been monitored by the government to see how he handles certain situations and his intelligence. The I.F. (military) arrives at Ender’s house to recruit him, and soon Ender is off to the battle station that will be his home for the next few years. This is where they will train him to become a supreme military general to fight the bugger invasion that is predicted to happen.

2. Ender is considered a military genius who can adapt too many different situations. Graff pushes Ender to his limits with rigorous tasks, trying to find a weak spot in Ender. Ender progresses so rapidly that he is being promoted years above of what he should be. Because of this rapid improvement Ender must face various challenges with each promotion he receives. Alternate Book Cove Birth: August 24th, 1951
(61 years)
Wrote many Ender's Game books: different perspectives

Hobbies & Interests: Writing, Science Fiction, & Teaching Orson Scott Card Text to Text Book Ratings Stacy - 3.14
Dakota - 3.5
Alex - 4.5
Morgan - 3
Matt - 4 Quotes -when the draft started in 1965 for the Vietnam war that was kind of like Ender's ituation but they came directly to him when the draft was around they set up the lottery random selection in the book they do it based on the skill and intelligence of the soldiers Movie: Hunger Games -This is kind of like the hunger games where they select kids to fight they train them teach them tricks to survive then send them out into battle. Text to text
Carry on my wayward sun The song is very similar to
how Ender is lonely and
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X_2IdybTV0 1.) “Human beings are free except when humanity needs them. Maybe humanity needs you. To do something. Maybe humanity needs me—to find out what you're good for. We might both do despicable things, Ender, but if humankind survives, then we were good tools." pg 35
Graff explains to Ender why he is being picked to go to Battle School. Even though Ender does not want to go to Battle School he still does because he understands that the world is counting on him. The world uses Ender as a tool because they need him to fight against the buggers. If Ender succeeds even if he has to do something terrible he is still a worthy tool.

2.) "I am not a happy man, Ender. Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf. Survival first, then happiness as we can manage it." pg 277
Mazer Rackham is telling Ender that he still believes that the survival of our planet requires people to make sacrifices, and then the chance for them to do something for themselves comes after. In the book Ender struggles with doing what humanity needs him to do, but then he has the chance to be happy.
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