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Informative Speech

No description

Allison VanOrden

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Informative Speech

OCD Is an anxiety disorder characterized
by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts
and repetitive, ritualized behaviors you feel compelled to perform. Often compulsions are used to make
obsessions go away. O.C.D. is the
fourth most
common psychiatric
disorder. 1. Obsessions
2. Compulsions What are obsessions? Worries
Fears What are compulsions? You might just say STOP. If you don't have O.C.D... BUT, people with O.C.D... Most people with O.C.D. don't believe
that it is a biological problem. Washers
Doubters and sinners
Counters and arrangers
Hoarders Just because you have obsessions thoughts or you perform compulsions behaviors doesn't mean you suffer from O.C.D. Help yourself. RE-LABEL
Writing it down
Anticipate it Don't make personal criticisms, negative
comments only makes it worse.
Don't pressure them
Be patient, be kind
Don't help them with their rituals
Keep family life as normal as possible
Communicate positively and clearly
Find the humor At this time, there is no
cure for O.C.D. Now that you understand O.C.D.
you can help the people that
do suffer from this disorder Help a family member or friend.
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