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The Black Hole

No description

Alex Taylor

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of The Black Hole

The Black Hole
Apple has a new invention coming soon. Read more to find out what it is and when you can get it.
By: Alex Taylor
The Black Hole is a holographic phone and it is coming out in 2020. Look below to find out what it looks like.
Now, let's compare the phones from Apple's past and future.
The Black Hole is designed by Josselin Zaïgouche. The Black Hole can be four different forms:
a charging base, a prism, a black hole and a gift box.
Zoom in to see the different forms.
What is the most exciting addition with the Black Hole? The prism. In prism mode, the control ball will levitate when you open your hand. All the functions and applications can then be controlled in midair with the aid of holographs by just tapping the apps with your fingers. Just by opening the palm of your hand, you will now be able to control the "smartest" smart phone yet.
The black ball that is hovering is the prism.
Now, I am sure you are wondering, how does this holographic phone charge and what is so exciting about a phone charging? If you have the Black Hole in the charging base, the Black Hole not only charges but it also can be used as a desktop device, still projecting the needed interface. Below you can see the Black Hole at its charging stage.

Here is the Black Hole projecting a holograph!
Here is a short video from which I got some information:
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