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Rock In Rio 2015

No description

on 27 November 2015

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Transcript of Rock In Rio 2015

Rock In Rio 2015
Why was it memorable?
As predicted, the festival was full of memorable moments. In one of them, Stevie Wonder touched the audience singing Garota de Ipanema with his daughter. Another was when Chris Martin from Coldplay stated his love for Rio de Janeiro, writing “I <3 Rio” in spray paint on the stage.
Great artists made Rock in Rio what it is today, and the festival was also an unforgettable part of their histories as well. Throughout the course of 30 years, so many talented musicians have been up on the stages, many of them thrilling audiences at more than one of the 13 festivals we’ve had so far.This is just one in a long list of our greatest moments.
This year Rock In Rio completes 30 years;
595.000 people went to the shows during the seven days, about 85.000 a day;
It is considered the biggest music festival in Latin American, and the second in the planet;
The best attractions were Katy Perry, Rihanna, Queen, Metallica, Faith no More, John Legend, Elton John, Slipknot, among others;
In 1991, Rock in Rio aired the festival on television, and it was transmitted to 55 countries. 580 million viewers watched live over the course of 9 days of shows.
Imagine the biggest soccer stadium in the world. Now imagine the most people gathered for a single event. In 1991, with nearly 200,000 people flooding the Maracanã. There was so much love for music that it made the Guiness Book of World Records!
The First Large Brazilian Festival Is Born!
The year was 1985 and the country was going through a huge transformation. After a long period of military dictatorship, the country was beginning to take its first steps towards democracy. It was in this scenario that Rock in Rio was born. For the first time a country in South America would host a music event of this type.
When and where did the event take place?
In September took place in Brazil Rock In Rio 2015. In the rock city, besides the shows, the people had many attractions during the day, amusement park, karaoke, dance festivals and musicals, and also a chapel to celebrate weddings.
Photos of the event
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