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Chapter Presidents

No description

Shivani Dhir

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Chapter Presidents

DISCOVER Your Voice as a President!
How to start the year off right:
One of the biggest parts of FCCLA is the travel! Encourage your chapter to travel to:

1) Fall Leadership Conference at the FFA FCCLA Center in Covington September 19th - 20th, 2013
2) Fall Leadership Rally at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry October 9th, 2013
3) National Cluster Meeting in Charlotte, NC November 22nd - 24th, 2013
4) State Leadership Meeting in Athens, GA March 2014
The Bottom
And Now
As your chapter's president, you want to start the year off by encouraging your friends and classmates to join and participate in FCCLA.

You can do this by wearing old FCCLA apparel that you received through the years, making your favorite FCCLA memory your profile picture on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and just talking up the organization!
We're Here!
Shivani Dhir
State President
David Jefferson
National Liasion

Nikolas Baranco
Region 5 Officer
5th of the Month Reports:

Program of Work: What you have done for the month.
Communications and Corrospondence: Who you have emailed,called,texted, tweeted at,etc.
Membership Recruitment Efforts: Your efforts to increase membership
National Program Efforts: Your participation efforts in the National Programs
Actions for Next Month: Plans for the next month
Quote of the Month:

Fifth of the Month Reports are beneficial to you and your chapter officers because they give you a chance to see what your officers have done for the month. You report on what your actions were for the previous month.
Competitive Events:
As your chapter's president, you should take the initiative to compete in any of the following competitive events:

STAR Events (Students Taking Actions with Recognition)
State Events
Statesman Award
Online Proficency Tests
Fall Conference and Fall Rally Events

As you move foward thorugh the year, remember that you are the link from your chapter to your Region and State Officers! Email the State & Region Officers with any questions or concerns!
Apartment for Rent
Let's play a little monkey in the middle!
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