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Organum & Motet

No description

Magdalene Robles

on 5 October 2013

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Transcript of Organum & Motet

Background photo by t.shigesa
Organum & Motet
Example of Organum
Example of Motet
Organum & Motet
During the 1200's motet was considered a new polyphonic genre deriving from organum.
The words came together onto each note of a melisma
Medieval motets usually consist of 3 or four more vocal parts.

Often with completely different texts in each voice
while the organum only consists of 2 vocal parts.
What is Organum?
A simple type of Polyphony, an example of plainsong; Gregorian Chant
Developed Circa the year 1200 in France.
Features long-held notes in the lower part of the text
Actually a chant melody moving slowly.
with faster moving voices on the upper parts
one bass note and one melody, only has one melody and one bass known as basso continuo.
What is Motet?
A short piece of a sacred choral piece.
motet drove sacred music towards secularization
usually has three voices
A technique that emphasizes the most important words of a prayer. many notes sung in one syllable of a text.
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