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Italian restaurant

No description

Jan Karlo Lingas

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Italian restaurant

First, you need to make a business plan. Restaurant Startup Supply/Products Businesses need to offer the utmost customer services to all their customers. Restaurant supplies are what most restaurant, cafes, bistros, diners, etc. require.I Merchandising Food and Beverage Food and beverage can be merchandised by special packaging and pricing, promotional materials such as posters and table tent cards and suggestive selling by food servers. Mission Statement Our Mission is to provide the best Italian Cuisine in a clean environment that will furnish customers the best Italian dining experience. We want our customers to leave satisfied and eager to return for another meal in the future. The Team John - Executive Chef/Owner

Jan - General Manager/Owner Business Concept Our business will be an upscale restaurant that offers a quality cuisine at a reasonable price. We will offer full service with high quality of ambiance. We will also have a bar within the restaurant to have something to offer to late night customers. Restaurant will have an
open kitchen layout. The allure of the restaurant, the aroma of food
and the view of an open flame will attract customers. The feeling of open space and spacious dining room can be inviting.
The kitchen will be the main focal point
in the restaurant to showcase the top chefs
that will be working for the restaurant. To provide a full Italian cuisine experience, a Sommelier is needed. A person who is a wine professional and this person will suggest the best wine that pairs with the dish. Open Kitchen Layout Sommelier Executive Chef John is ideal for this position because
he has experience in cooking and he enjoys it. The Executive Chef - Coordinates kitchen work
- Creates new recipes
- Manages food costs and inventory
- Creates menu General Manager While John manage and cook in the kitchen, Jan will manage everything in the Front of the House. The General Manager - Hires and manages the staff
- Works on general restaurant operations
- Works on marketing initiatives "Have a little taste of Italy in your mouth" Business Presentation Economics Goals & Objectives 1. Expand Business Opening more restaurant/branches
will result in more profit and gain
reputation. 2. Menu Development Expand the menu and offer more variety.
Aim to offer new dishes for vegetarians.
Develop attractive dishes with competitive
prices within the first year. Loan an amount money from SBA
(Small Business Administration)
worth $350,000. Real Estate Leasehold Improvements Other Expenses Equipment and Inventory Marketing Financial Plan
Key fee: $65,000
Security deposit: 15,000
Two months rent: 15,000
Insurance (three months): 2,000
Contingency fund: 75,000

Subtotal 172,000 Pre-construction prep: $100
General construction: 3,600
Hood sprinklers: 2,500
Kitchen equipment: 10,000
Electrical/lighting: 5,000
HVAC: 4,000
Signage/canopy: 2,000
Landscaping: 2,000
Design: 3,000

Subtotal: 65,500 Liquor license: $2,000
Liqour license legal fees: 3,000
Building permits: 2,000

Subtotal: 7,000 Furniture and fixtures: $2,500
Stereo/sound system: 1,500
Computers/registers: 1,500
Phone/voice system: 500
Security system: 1,000
Office equipment: 500
Glass, silver, china: 2,000
Supplies (front): 1,000
Supplies (back): 6,000
Food inventory: 4,000
Wine inventory: 4,000
Beer inventory: 1,000

Subtotal: 25,500 Marketing & promotion: $5,000
Print materials: 1,000
Branding and Web site: 2,500
Payroll/bookkeeping: 1,500
Miscellaneous: 10,000

Subtotal: 20,000

Opening staff (with training, for three months): 11,500 Competition There is approximately 4,200 restaurants in New York City. To compete against other restaurant we must offer
something better that will make us have a competitive edge. Plans to gain competitive advantage 1. Identify and analyze the weakness and strength of the competitors.
2. Our restaurant should deliver higher quality and faster service that others can't match.
3. Lowering prices while avoiding to lose money to attract more customers and without compromising the quality of the food.
4. Hire top chefs that specializes in a particular style cooking, making the restaurant at an advantage. Marketing Summary Companies or Restaurants today turn to online
marketing and advertisements but brochures are still as
effective. Face to Face advertisement or networking is
sometimes better because you grab people's attention.

To be effective in this marketing we will make brochures
that are simple and time saving. We wouldn't want to overwhelm the reader with thousand words, sometimes simple is better. Make sure the brochure match the restaurant image and make it eye catching. Altering the shape such as making the brochure shaped as a pizza will
provide uniqueness than other brochures that will sure attract people. Brochures Customers Providing customers a good experience in the
restaurant is one of the best way to advertise the
restaurant. Happy customers will recommend
the restaurant to friends, relative, or other people.
This will get more customers to come in the restaurant
and gain more profit. Project Summary We chose to establish an Italian restaurant because people Italian food is loved by most people. Pizza or pasta it seems that everyone enjoy italian food. If you want to taste good italian cuisine, go to John's Piccolo Italiano to have the best italian food. By: John Silva and Jan Karlo Lingas 3. Catering Offer on-premise and off-premise catering to make more profit. Pricing Pricing is one of the most important part in a restaurant business. If you miscalculate the pricing you may lose money. For pricing we follow a simple formula that most restaurant use (Cost of Product/.35). Total Expenses will be $301,500
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