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The Cay 7B

No description

Kailee Fitzpatrick

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of The Cay 7B

The Cay Setting A tropical island in the Caymans near Panama. It is also set during World War 2. By: Annabeth #7B By Theodore Taylor Main Character Philip He bumps his head and becomes blind. Timothy pulls him aboard a raft and they float around with Stew Cat until they find the cay. He learns to do things all over again using touch, hearing, and smell with the help of Timothy. Other Important Characters Timothy Stew Cat These characters are important because they are the only ones on the island with Philip. A cat that is Philip's only companion when Timothy dies. He is always there to comfort Philip. Climax A huge hurricane comes and water washes over the whole cay. Violent winds and crashing waves take away all of Timothy's remaining strength. A few hours after the storm, he dies. Philip is now left all alone. The front cover is a picture of the climax. Theme The themes of The Cay are "People you avoided once, may be your best friend later." and "Don't judge a person by how they look." Conflicts *Man vs. Nature; Timothy and Philip vs. the hurricane. *Man vs. World; Hitler vs. World *Man vs. Man; Philip and his father vs. Philip's mother. The hurricane The war Philip doesn't want to leave his home. Thanks for
Listening! The End. Their cay is in Devil's Mouth(A place where many ships avoid because of the coral reef surrounding it.). This is bad luck for them because it is unlikely they will be rescued there. A large black man that helps Philip survive on his own so Philip is ready when he dies. The Ending: In the end, Philip gets rescued by a boat and sees his parents again. They quickly rush him to the hospital where they fix some brain damage that caused him to be blind. He has to wear glasses, but he can see again. Then he and his parents head home to Curago. Philip is now safe and sound at home!
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