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Giovanni da Verranzano

An Italian explorer sent to explore the Atlantic coast.

Nicoria Williams

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Giovanni da Verranzano

An Italian explorer sent to explore the Atlantic coast. Giovanni da Verrazano Giovanni da Verranzano was born in Tuscany, Italy around 1485. He was an exceptional math student and was later known as a master marine. He was introduced to exploration and adventure at an early age . Giovanni's Childhood Verranzano first headed to Egypt and Syria. At that time, those places were nearly impossible to reach and considered mysterious. Sometime between 1507 - 1508, Giovanni went to France and he met with King Francis 1. He began to get a feel of the navy's missions and began building rapport with the sailors and commanders. His First Adventures Verranzano was looking for a passage to the Pacific Ocean and Asia. Giovanni thought that by sailing along the northern coastline of the New World, he would find a passage to the West Coast of North America. The men aboard the Delfina sighted land after about 50 days at sea. The land was generally thought to be near Cape Fear, North Carolina. Verranzano steered his ship south which was leading him to the tip of Florida. He never lost sight of the coastline though. On April 17, 1524, Giovanni and his crew landed on the southern tip of Manhattan until a storm pushed them toward Martha's Vineyard. They finally stopped at what is now known as Newport, Rhode Island. Verranzano and his crew stayed there for two week before they returned to France in July 1524. Searching for the New World Giovanni and King Francis 1 met sometime between 1522 and 1523. Verranzano convinced Francis that he would be the right man to undertake the voyages on behalf of France . King Francis signed on . Verranzano had 4 ships prepared with ammunition, cannons, lifeboats, and scientific equipment to last him and his crew 8 months. Two of the ships, the Santa Maria and the Vittoria, were lost in a storm. Two ships remained, the Delfina and the Normanda, were at battle with Spanish ships. Only the Delfina survived it all and the crew headed to the New World during the night of January 17, 1524. First Expedition of The New World In March 1528, Giovanni da Verranzano left on his final voyage. He was seeking the passage to India. the expedition included Verranzano's brother, Girolamo. They sailed along the coast of Florida before they drifted into the Caribbean Sea. While they were sailing south of Jamaica, the crew spotted an island. The crew went to explore it. they were soon attacked by caannibalistic natives who killed and ate them. Giovanni da Verranzano added knowledge to mapmakers about the geography of the East Coast of North America. In honor of him, the bridge between Brooklyn and Staten Island was named after him. His Final Voyage
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