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How a car works

No description

logan gray

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of How a car works

How a Car Works Engine When the key is turned the starter motor turns the crankshaft which in turn gets the pistons moving in the cylinders. This starts the engine cycle, which will start the car. What the key does An automobile axle is essentially two wheels seperated
by a rod or other stabalizing devices designed to maintain
the distance between the two wheels. The axle must bear the entire
weight of the vehicle, as well as any cargo or passengers. Axle When you depress the break pedal, your car
transmits the force from your leg, to it's breaks
through a fluid. Your breaks multiply the force of your
foot to stop the car in two ways, mechanical advantage
or hydraulic force. Breaks The engine is the most important
part of a car. The pupose of a gasoline car engine is to convert the gas into motion so you can move. How Cars are Scientific First of all cars take tons and tons of energy to start.
Combustion engines work by mixing small amounts
of gasoline with air and igniting the mixture so the gas
expands and produces THERMAL ENERGY. The energy that
is released is then directed through a series of channels and
converted into ELECTRICAL ENERGY. Cars take tons of energy to start. This is what a basic car engine looks
like. This is what a basic axle looks
like. Wheels Engine axle brake light head lights muffler mirrors
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