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Samantha Eggers

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Power

By: Samantha Eggers, Alexae Danik, Caitlinn Gagliardo
You have manufacturing
China is one of the leading countries in political power because three of the busiest ports in the world come from China.
Political power also decides on which country is exporting more than it imports.
Societal Power is like freedom of speech
It is peoples rights in the country.
The United States is a country with one of the most rights because of the 12 Amendments.
How many people are in the military
Advancement in technology
The United States has one of the leading militaries in the world because of it's technological advancements in the military.
Intellectual power is based on the countries education.
It is also based on the leaders of the country and how educated they are.
Japan is one of the worlds most advanced countries because of it's technology.
Economic power in a country is based on the currency.
It is also based on how much the countries money is worth
It can be the countries profit from other countries.

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