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Copy of Tour Introduction

No description

George Colbourne

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Tour Introduction

Tour Introduction
Tour Statistics
21 Stages
23 Days
22-9 Man Teams-198
40% withdraw/abandon
~3,500 km
15,000,000 spectators
Question: Does the Tour de France have a positive economic impact in France?

Answer: Absolutely
Race Organizers
Vuelta a España, Dakar Rally, Critérium du Dauphiné
Éditions Philippe Amaury- L'Équipe
100 permanent staff
280 temporary staff
Broadcasting the Tour
190 countries
100 channels
5,000 hours of worldwide programming
3.5 billion viewers worldwide
Publicity Caravan
Started in 1930
180 vehicles
37 brands
14.5 million gifts
12 km long
35 minutes of showtime
€ 200,000 to € 500,000
The Tour and Economic Interdependence
Almost yearly visits to neighboring countries
Grand Départ in Yorkshire for 2014
Andorra, Belgium, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland
Riders and teams come from all over the world: Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Spain, United States, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Australia
38 Nationalities of Spectators
From Macro to Micro
36 stage towns
537 French municipalities crossed
37 French departments visited
Infrastructure Improvements
Unprecedented Publicity
Injection of revenue
1450 beds reserved every day for the organisers and teams
$644,000 for a stage start/finish
Future of the Tour
Future Stage Sites
Revenue Predictions
Doping Scandals
Public Interest
The Tour de France has a positive economic impact on France:
Employment Opportunities
Advertising Investment
Tourism and Spectating
Infrastructure Improvements
Global Exposure
Positive Image
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