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Congress of Vienna

No description

Jasmine Vergara

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Congress of Vienna

By: Natalie Covey and Jasmine Vergara
Congress of Vienna
Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand
Karl Hardenberg was trying to make a partnership between Russia and Britain. He also worked with Alexander the first and the Holy Alliance.
Robert thought the best way to be protected and have regards for regulations and contracts was to make equal power with the five powers. He designed and made Napoleons' defeat.
Robert Stewart ViscountCastlereagh
The Final Act is a document created and signed by Russia, Great Britain, Austria and Prussia.
Inside of the treaty there were important topics which were Security, Compensation and Legitimacy.

The Final Act
Legitimacy, Compensation and Security
Basic Facts

People In The Congress of Vienna

Legitimacy was created to fix up the
places that were broken and overrun
in the Napoleonic period.
Security was made to make the states near and across France bigger, to avoid war or other conflict
Compensation was used to support what Security did for the Final Act.
Although there were over a hundred Delegates involved there were a few key people. They did not trust or like eachother.
Emperor Czar Alexander the first
Karl August von Hardenberg
Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand

Robert Stewart Viscount Castlereagh
Wilhelm von Humboldt
Klemens von Metternich
Klemens von Metternich
He was the person who suggested that the Congress of Vienna to be held in Austria, since he believed that it was the center of Europe. He wanted to create an alliance between Germany and Italy.
Karl August von Hardenberg
Started in September of 1814, and ended in
June 1815. The Congress of Vienna was held in
Austria. It had three goals; To make France smaller so that France would not be a danger anymore, to punish the people who supported Napoleon, and to Balance the powers in Europe. The Congress of Vienna redesigned the map of Europe. The Congress of Vienna was the fifth great power of the Grand Alliance.
Whilhelm von Humboldt
Czar Alexander the first
He was there for the conciliation two treaties in Paris. He tried to save Prussian unity .
He was skilled with consultation and influencing. People look at his choice of letting Prussia have an important job in the Rhine as bad.
He made the Holy Alliance, which is made up of
Europeans with high power. Alexander knew that he had to preserve the status-quo, to protect Europe.
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