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No description

Israel Avalos

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Delegating

Ricky Lee
Establish Feedback Channels.
Feedback is always important. Ricky must emphasis to Bill that he must give him
reports to him on specified days.

Clarify the Assignment
Anne advised him it was okay as long as Bill understood the parameters and procedures to complete the project.
Specify the Employee’s Range of Discretion
Allow the Employee to Participate
For example, Ricky can delegate specifics in the manual that he will allow Bill to create new ideas. This will entice Bill to become motivated and it will make him feel that he is a part of team.

Inform Others that Delegation has Occurred
Letting Anne know that he was about to give the assignment to Bill showed this process.
Working Together
Thank you!
Israel Avalos
Jennifer Dumm
Efren Montilla
Aleandro Van Holten
Davis Wallick

Ricky Lee is the manager of the contracts group of a large regional office supply distributor. His boss, Anne Zumwalt, has asked him to prepare by the end of the month the department’s new procedures manual that will outline the steps followed in negotiating contracts with office products manufacturers who supply the organization’s products.
Because Ricky has another major project he’s working on, he went to Anne and asked her if it would be possible to assign the rewriting of the procedures manual to Bill Harmon, one of his employees who’s worked in the contracts group for about three years. Anne said she had no problems with Ricky reassigning the project as long as Bill knew the parameters and the expectations for the completion of the project.
Ricky must also explain to Bill what he expects and the specifics on the task.
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