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Lululemon athletica

final defense presentation

Mary Schumer

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Lululemon athletica

Mary Margaret Schumer An IMC Plan for Lululemon athletica Where are we now? Lululemon’s technologically-advanced products have an appeal to those who are serious about healthy living and exercising as a lifestyle

New technologies in fabric are being developed and Lululemon is taking advantage of them

Environmental concerns are causing people to buy better quality products that will last longer, even if they cost more in the short term

Yoga is the new trend in which to participate. It has become cool and a social part of people’s lives
Primary Research Brand – 58.3 percent gave 6/7
Logo – 33.3 percent gave 5/7
Fit – 81.9 percent gave a 5/7 to a 7/7
Quality – 36.4 percent gave 7/7
Color Choice –36.4 percent gave 6/7
Fabric Technology – 41.7 percent gave 7/7

28.6 percent gave Lululemon’s community relations in their stores and showrooms a 5 or 6 out of 7 rating, but 66.7 percent had never experienced Lululemon’s community relations Strengths Clear and identifiable target market
Well-established brand
Successful grassroots marketing strategy
High-margin clothing
Technical advancements in clothing above competitors
Small stores and well-informed employees and representatives who have an advanced knowledge of the brand and products
Free FedEx ground shipping on all orders in the USA Financial Objectives Increase repeat purchase
among current customers
by 15 percent Positioning Map Weaknesses Limited brand awareness in the middle and lower classes
Limited amount of stores
Product is only carried in Lululemon stores, on the company’s website and in small yoga studios that live the Lululemon lifestyle
Higher pricing than some of its competitors Growing interest in consumers being involved in a niche brand that they can identify with
Yoga is becoming more well-known Opportunities Threats Competitors Increase new customer purchases by 5 percent Marketing Communications Objectives Increase brand awareness by 30 percent in the first year

Increase brand interaction with current customers by 20
percent in the first year

Increase brand loyalty among customers by 10 percent in the first year Positioning Position Lululemon as a top tier yoga and sports apparel company and build identity as a community-oriented company that is composed of individuals who live goal-oriented, healthy and active yet centered lives. Living their lives with a vision, interested in the well being of themselves and those around them and most interested in improving the overall quality of life. Target Market Women
Urban communities
Healthy eating and active lifestyles
United States
Middle to upper class
Ages 18-30 Most Persuasive Idea Quality In Life Why should you believe us? Comfortable
Swanky Lululemon has small stores and well-informed representatives, detailed attention to products, fabrics and fits and success as a grassroots company and cult brand. Its products have been tested and approved by those who live the Lululemon lifestyle. Welcome to Lululemon atheltica's vision and goal-setting workshop :)

Hosted by Mary Margaret at the St. Bonaventure University Lululemon showroom When millennials find a particular television show or website that they enjoy, they tell an average of 18 people, compared with only 10 people for all age groups.

72 percent of millennials enjoy reading magazines rather than finding the same information online

58 percent of Millennials agree magazines help them learn about what’s “in.” Search engines and word of mouth are the most effective means for driving Web site traffic 

In-person communications – in social gatherings (52 percent), at work (39 percent), or in a store (21 percent) – remain the most popular methods used by women to provide information or recommendations, ahead of using a social networking site (15 percent). Secondary Research Secondary Research Tactics Tactics Tactics Tactics Taking yoga to a park near you "Ask Me about my Lululemon"
"Tell me about your Lululemon" Tactics Back to our grassroots: In fitness related areas near 100 Lululemon locations, line up several Lululemon ambassadors and Lululemon store employees doing yoga Quality In Life LYST My Vision and Goals We love our community! Designed
with you in mind Overall Campaign Goal Lululemon educators to partner with ambassadors and promote the Lululemon lifestyle and encourage our target market to live the Lululemon culture.
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