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One Thousand Dollars

No description

John Faulk

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of One Thousand Dollars

Literary Elements
1. Simile: comparison of two things that are essentially different usually using the words like or as.
Textual Evidence: "that the late Septimus Gillian was worth something like half a million.
One Thousand Dollars
man vs. self
Gillian is having trouble deciding what to do with the money.
Rising action:He is explaining to his friend that he was given a thousand dollars from his uncle's will He is unsure what to do with the thousand dollars so he goes asking around town.
Narrative Hook
He gives the one thousand dollars top Miss Hayden.

Textual Evidence: "I was driving up this way and Tolman asked me to bring the money to you. Here it is."
Protagonist: Gillian
Setting: Courthouse, club, around town, his dead uncles house.
Antagonist: The man telling him that he needs to turn in a report of what he spent the money on.
Textual Evidence: "Gillian went to his club."
Textual evidence
"You are required to render to us an account of the manner of expenditure of this $1,000 as soon asw you have disposed of it."
Lawyer Tolman is giving Gillian a thousand dollars which was stated in his uncles will.
Textual Evidence: "One thousand dollars," repeated Lawyer Tolman, solemnly and severely, "and here is the money."
Textual evidence
"He leaves me an even thousand dollars. now, what can a man possibly do with a thousand dollars?"
Falling Action
When he turns in the spending report to Tolman, he is told that he is going to be given $50,000 dollars because his uncle said to do it if Gillian qualifies.
Textual Evidence
"In the event that you disposition of the $1,000 demonstrates that you posses any of the qualifications..." "It is in our power to hand you over the bonds to the value of $50,000..."
He says no to the $50,000 and that he lost the $1,000 on a race
and he walks out of the courthouse.
Textual Evidence
"There isn't a bit of need to bother you with this. ... i lost the thousand dollars on the races. good day to you gentlemen."
2. Satire: A way of writing or speaking which censures things, activities, persons, or ideas; it is accomplished with humor and wit
Textual Evidence: "Old Bryson rubbed his glasses and smiled. And when Old Bryson smiled, Gillian knew that he intended to be more offensive than ever.
3. Suspense: The sustained interest created by the buildup of events and delayed resolution of the plot’s conflict.
Textual Evidence: "Now, what can a man possibly do with a thousand dollars?

Don't be greedy with your money.
If your disposal of the money in question has been prudent, wise, or unselfish, it is in our power to hand you over the bonds to the value of $50,000, which have been placed in out hand for that purpose.
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