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Magnets and Electricity

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Magnets and Electricity

In a magnet,all the domains of a substance are aligned in the same direction.
The magnets are strongest at the poles of the magnet
The properties of magnets are iron,cobalt,nickel
Like poles of two magnets repels each other
Magnets and Electricity
Magnet-An object which has all the domains pointing in the same direction and magnetic fields that work together.

Electricity-The interaction of electric charges.

Electromagnet-A device made when electric current travels through a wire coiled around a piece of iron.

Circuit-The connection needed for the current to travel between the poles to two electric energy sources.

Electric Energy-The movement of electrons from one place to another; current electricity.

Electric Circuit
The electromagnetic force is one of the four fundamental interactions in nature, the other three being the strong interaction, the weak interaction, and gravitation. This force is described by electromagnetic fields, and has innumerable physical instances including the interaction of electrically charged particles and the interaction of uncharged magnetic force fields with electrical conductors.
Guess It!!!
Guess What Time It Is?? :)
Questions Time!!!
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Then if you have questions feel
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An electric circuit is like a pathway made of wires that electrons can flow through. A battery or other power source gives the force (voltage) that makes the electrons move. When the electrons get to a device like a light bulb, your computer, or a refrigerator, they give it the power to make it work.
Sesame Street says "BYEEE"
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