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Digital Effect on Policing

A change in the underlying concept of policing...

Steven Tait

on 14 October 2011

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Transcript of Digital Effect on Policing

What followed was what we understand as policing :Watch & Ward by Robert Peel in 1829...visible officers watching the public, maintaining discipline, oh and it also appeared in schooling, hospitals and other institutions. This is when orderly societies were created...by visibly watching citizens.
From 1748 - 1832 the famous English philosopher/architect Jeremy Benthem began exploring the idea of the Panopticon...the all-seeing eye...as a means of social control...so we get the idea of a visible figure of authority watching others.
You can read about the concept in Michael Foucoult's famous book : Discipline & Punish
The Digital Effect
on Policing

The public are
more demanding...according to police officers...
The public are more demanding....
we feel it.
French Revolution 1788
We kind of know there is a problem...
Evidence of unhappiness appearing in media, especially new media...
Concept behind Policing...
The concept is that by visibly watching the public discipline is maintained.
Old Concept...
New Concept...
Video enabled pocket devices
Who is watching who?
What has digital done to the music industry?
What has digital done to the Print Publishing industry?
Why wouldn't individually empowering digital technology radically change what we take for granted as policing?
The new concept is that the public hold the power...the panopticon...
we live in a transparent world.
What do you think?
Has policing changed?
Have we recognised that?
What would a leader do?
A national revolution...monarchs across Europe become scared at the lack of control...
Oh..and then Governments could afford the technology of surveillance...
Is it really legitimate to expect members of the public to do what you say because you wear a uniform? Discretion? Can you explain it clearly in front of a camera?
The world is changing...and fast...whether you like it or not...how will you lead your organization and your officers into the future?
So who is disciplining who?
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