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Habitats - The Orchard

No description

Toni Edwards

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Habitats - The Orchard

Habitats - The Orchard
The life within the tree...
In Blossom...
The fruit of the tree

During the mild spring weather, small buds begin to swell on the twigs of the apple tree
Food for the birds
Bullfinches and other birds like to peck off the buds, which are bursting into flower
Bees visit the apple blossom to collect nectar. They take pollen from one flower to another and help tiny apples to form
The fruit
The blossom drops from the apple tree and tiny apples begin to grow in its place.

The apples won't be ready to eat until autumn
The apples get bigger...
Over the long summer days, the apples ripen. As they grow they become sweeter.
Ready to eat!
The branches of the apple tree are heave with ripening fruit. Under the tree, hens watch over their new chicks and look for insects and seeds to eat
Detail 3
Birds collect grass, twigs and moss for their nests, which they build among the tree's leafy branches
Bees are vital for pollinating our plants
What would happen without bees?
What can we do to protect them?
Yummy honey
What does
Name 7 different insects that you can remember.

Can you draw them?

Can you put them into their classification group?
Some of the apples fall to the ground. These windfall apples rot or are eaten by animals. But their pips may sink into the soil and grow into new apple trees.
Click on this website to learn about the life cycle of a flower
Dead leaves swirl around the orchard. Hedgehogs get ready to hibernate and geese arrive from the north.
What does hibernate mean?
Thank you to Vanessa Luff for her inspiration -
'The Orchard'
(Published by A&C Black:London)
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