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Endangered Species Presentation: Peach Blossom Jellyfish

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Guppy ...

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Endangered Species Presentation: Peach Blossom Jellyfish

Common & Scientific Name: peach blossom jellyfish Craspedacusta sowerbii Habitat: they are usually found in calm, still, freshwater reservoirs, lakes, rivers, gravel pits, or quarries, most thrive in China
they can not tolerate water temperatures above 35 degrees Centigrade (95 degrees Farhenheit) Diet: their diet consists of zooplankton, including daphnia and copepods
they catch their prey by waiting for it to touch one of their tentacles which contain nematocysts on the surface, and inject poison that paralyzes it
they help to regulate the plankton population one of the smallest multicelled organisms in the jellyfish family
they get their name because they resemble a peach blossom in full bloom
the have tentacles of varied lengths, three to seven in between the longer ones Physical Characteristics: Causes of Endangerment: their delicate living specifications make it very difficult to find a suitable habitat
climate changes and water pollutants can easily kill them, rapidly decreasing their population numbers Affect on Food Web: the disappearance of peach blossoms would result in the overpopulation of zooplankton
all of the predators that feed on peach blossoms, such as crayfish, would have to find other food sources, possibly causing other populations to become endangered, or become endangered themselves Conservation Efforts: it would benefit not just peach blossom jellyfish, but all marine life if there were laws banning the pollution of waters
since they are victim to global warming among other species, there should be more effort put into preventing drastic climate changes
more people should be informed on how easily they can negatively affect this fragile species of jellyfish
they should be protected or put into captivity to help increase population numbers Bibliography: Cavazos, Nick. "Peach Blossom Jellyfish." 2010. Angelfire. 29 Apr. 2013 <http://www.angelfire.com/cavazos95/css1/>.
"Craspedacusta sowerbii." Wikipedia. 29 Mar. 2013. Wikimedia Foundation. 04 Apr. 2013 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craspedacusta_sowerbii>.
Dickerson, Nathan. "Jellyfish Endangered." Jellyfish Facts. 26 Apr. 2013 <http://www.jellyfishfacts.net/jellyfish-endangered.html>.
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