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Selling Products

No description

wyatt vandentop

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Selling Products

Wyatt Van Den Tops language Paradise and Resort
A direct comparison between two unlike things useing like or as. Im wyatt and if you want to sign up for my new and improved work out program go to www.workout.com. Get my exclusive offer for 15.98 and the second one free so go on now.You dont want to be laying on the couch all lazy when you can be as strong as an ox and having ladies feel your mucles if you no what i mean so go online now.
As fast as a cheata
tall as a jaraffe
A direct comparision between two unlike things saying is something else. Im Billy bob and if you want a mouth watering burger come on down now call 5763-509.My new special chilly chease steak for only 2.89 second one free thats right absoluptley free.My burger is a water fall to your mouth.
you look like 1 million bucks
The use of extreme exaggeration to make a point. My names joe if you want a candle that smells good and has so much smell that your nose will fall off.You can buy sweet oranges, green apples, and even straw berry.After you buy this amazing product and just wait, wait for it im having a new deal 5 candles for 8:00$ pretty good deal right.So call now at 789 7585 or e mail us at www.JoesCandles.com so buy one of these amazing candles NOW!!!!!!!!!!
you look like your 1 million
if you stare to much your eyes will pop out
Repetition of a constant sound at the begining of words. Im tyler and im a veternarian at petco and manager 3 years in a row anyways enough about me .Im trying to save 3 homeless dogs who are looking for a home so call now at 605 370 9865 or go to are website at petco.org.These three homeless dogs have been in dog fight, starved and even burned by people.So please call now and if you by one of these sweet and caring dogs will throw in some dogy bacon bites.woff,woff,woff well thats my call so please call now
ribit, ribit, ribit,:frog
bahha, bahha:goat
giving human trait to an animal. Im andrew and did your stomach ever punish you for eating late well that wont happen with (jj)jimmy johns we have crazy quick dilevery.If you live acrossed town no biggy it will literly take us a max of 10 min.We sell the best sanwiches in the state and are chips are right up there to we sell from BBQ to salt and vinniger.So call now or come to are store on the corner of 41st street crazy ,quiz ,dilivery.
the dog slaped someone
the tree cryed leaves
An expression that has a meaning different from the meaning of its individual.Im Forest Gump and i took alot of adventures.I wrote a book entirley about me.I will be show caseing this book in alabama at the musuem of art.I will sell this book at your public library for 35:00$ alot of money but my book are full of adventures so.You want to hear something my mamma always told me life is like a box of choclates keep that in mind fokes.
cat got your tounge
words that describe the sound.Im josh my company rush has brought energy drinks back to the table its called radicle.The new serious of energy drinks you got blueberry, orange, grape, even vinnila so buy one now at your local gas station now for 1:45$.When you dip your head into this youll be saying things like bam and scudush and wam so buy now.
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