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The Fourth Amendment Presentation

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stacey thomas

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Fourth Amendment Presentation

The Fourth Amendment The Fourth Amendment deals with the right of the citizens to have privacy. The people to be secure in their homes, persons. and protect against unreasonable searches and seizures. Except if it is upon probable cause. This amendment is supported by oath or affirmation. What Is The Fourth Amendment Pros of the Fourth Amendment
Placing limits on the government to invade there privacy is a great catch with the fourth amendment. Therefore if there was an officer who knew you and wanted to harass you everyday by kicking down your door just to invade your privacy that is held as unconstitutional. A situation like this can be held in the supreme court for unconstitutional acts.

Cons of the fourth amendment.
A con to the Fourth Amendment is evidence that is thrown out because it was not gathered correctly according to the Fourth Amendment. The evidence that was not gathered correctly will be thrown out, and will not be used in the court of law. Evidence being thrown out in a case with a known criminal, the criminal is basically being let off. Pros And Cons Suspicion
What Creates Suspicion
if you are walking back and forth like you are up to something the police then can stop you and see what you are up to.
If suspicion is more then what it seemed like the police officer can then search you due to probable cause.
What Can Be Known A Probable Cause Warrants Searches Fourth Amendment There are many reason why I choose the Fourth Amendment. One reason why I chose the fourth amendment was because its the most interesting amendment. The fourth amendment deals with a lot of issues that people get confused about. Such as when is It is okay for police officers to invade property. Another reason why I choose the fourth amendment was I am interesting In my privacy rights! Why I Choose The Fourth Amendment Where is a warrant issued from?
A warrant is issued from a judge. Before obtaining a warrant from a judge a reason for the warrant must be provided. The evidence must be able to present information for a case.
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