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Feral Children in Society

No description

Audrey Kratz

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Feral Children in Society

What are Feral Children?
What are the factors that contribute to the problems that feral children face when attempting to assimilate into society?

Can a child that had been raised outside of human society assimilate into human society in any capacity?
A human child that has been isolated from human society and contact for an extended period of time. The child may have been neglected by their parents or raised by animals.
History of Feral Children
Feral children have long been a subject of interest for many throughout the world. There have been many stories, true and false, depicting the famous children in not only their natural habitat but in human society as well. The stories of feral children have been told for nearly 2000 years.
Examples of Feral Children
There have been many examples of feral children that have become famous, but almost all of them have been proven false. Two children whose stories have been proven to be true are Genie and Oxana.
Cognative Disorders
Both Genie and Oxana were thought to have brain disorders before their time away from society. The problem that I ran into was whether or not their time away from society caused them to display the symptoms of a cognative disorder, or they already had the disorder.
Cognative Disorder
Both Genie and Oxana displayed the symptoms of Autism, which cannot be developed. This means that either they were born with cognative disorders or they developed the symptoms over time. Since we can never really know the answer, this is what my whole opinion of feral children being assimilated into society rests on.
Both Genie and Oxana had many problems learning language. Language is one of the most important was in which we communicate, so this inhibits the assimilation of feral children into society.
The prime age for learning language occurs in a child's first years of life. Feral children miss this crucial period, and therefore cannot learn language normally or to full capacity.
Showed about half of the recipients of my survey believed that feral children can be raised outside of human society, while the other half believed that stories of feral children were completely false
Almost all believed that feral children can be resocialized into human society
About half believed that feral children can learn language
I have concluded from this survey that in this era, it would be easier for a feral child to assimilate into human society because the current population seems more open and inviting to those with disabilities and scientists have found ways to make assimilation easier.
Found in her parents home at age 13 tied to a chair, supposedly since she age 20 months
When found, she showed infantile like behavior
Several scientists gave her numerous tests and concluded that she had the IQ of a one year old shortly after she was found.
Scientists face many problems when trying to assimilate Genie, the biggest being her lack of understanding of language.
She eventually learned a small amount of sign language, but never really vocalized.
She was abandoned by her parents in her backyard
Learned to live like the dogs already there
After being found by the authorities, she underwent years of emotional, physical, and psychological therapy
She now speaks somewhat clearly
The scientists that have helped her say that she will never fully assimilate into society

1. What can previous examples of feral children show the current population about feral children?
2. What are the factors that contribute to the problems that feral children face when attempting to assimilate into society?
3. Can a child that had been raised outside of human society assimilate into human society in any capacity?

What can previous examples of feral children show the current population about feral children?
Both Genie and Oxana have many interesting things to tell us about feral children.
Cognative disorders
No language
The behaviors they showed
The Forbidden Experiment
Scientists might want to recreate the effects of feral children, but they can't. It is considered a forbidden experiment. A forbidden experiment is an experiment that scientists cannot complete because the steps they would have to take in the experiment are unethical. Scientists cannot make an experiment about the effects of isolation because of the consequences on the test subject.
The problem with the data received from Genie and Oxana is that they are only two subjects giving data for every feral child. They may have been anomalies of feral children, and they are the only two that we have viable data from.
False Data?
Can feral childen assimilate fully into society?
Thesis Statement

Although feral children can assimilate somewhat into society, they cannot assimilate completely normally because of their genetic makeup, lack of spoken language, and how they act with the world around them.

The actions of feral children are consistent with those of people with cognative disorders. Because of these actions, they cannot be put into a society with people without cognative disorders. They will not receive the help they need.
The actions of feral children probe the question:
Do feral children display the actions of cognativley disabled people because they developed a brain disorder or because it is just how feral children act?
What do you think?
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