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M&M Solubility Lab

No description

Ms. Moeller

on 5 June 2016

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Transcript of M&M Solubility Lab

Blue M&M's:
Miss Moeller has
stirred her iced
coffee, and there is
still sugar at the
bottom. What could
have happened?
Assign Roles (Groups of 4)
Please get the following:
1 packet of M&M’s
4 cups total for your table
2 packets of sugar
1 stirring stick
Orange M&M's:

Miss Starzyk pours salt into water and
mixes it together. The saltwater is an
example of a ________________.
Assessment Game
Each student will choose an M&M color.

When your M&M color is called, stand up. Out of everyone standing up, try to be the 1st person to answer the question on the board!
Start with a hypothesis! What will happen if you drop an M&M in plain water?
Candy Man (or Lady)

Drop the M&M in the water! Do NOT touch, mix, stir, or crush the M&M after dropping it in the water.
What are some factors that increase
or decrease solubility of a solute in water?

Building Background:
How are M&M's made?
Materials Manager: This student will gather & distribute materials to their groups. He/she will also collect materials at the end of class.
Candy Man/Lady: This student will drop the M&M’s into the water.
Recorder: This student will record data into the lab data chart.
Presenter: This student will share out the results for the lab.
Time for one minute. What's happening to the water?
Describe (or illustrate) what just happened on the "Lab Data Chart."
(Fill in the blanks on your guided notes.)
Solubility: a chemical property referring to the ability to dissolve.
Solute: the minor component in a solution, which dissolves in the solvent.
Solvent: component in a solution that is able to dissolve other substances.
Critical Thinking:
Think of the M&M in the
water. Which one is the solute, and which
one is the solvent?
Solution: a liquid mixture in which the minor component (the solute) is uniformly distributed within the major component (the solvent).
Saturation: the state or process that occurs when no more of something can be absorbed, combined with, or added.
Ready for the next step?
Make a hypothesis: What will happen if we drop TWO M&M's in plain water at the same time?

Did you write your hypothesis? Now it's time for the next step! Candy men and ladies, drop TWO M&M's in the 2nd cup of plain water.

Do NOT mix, stir, crush, or touch the M&M's. What happens after 1 minute?
Did the colors mix?
There's little to no mixing between the colors. You might even get a perfectly straight line (picture 1). This is because the wax is soluble. After more time passes, the "M" might float off (picture 2).
Why didn't the colors dissolve in the water?
Let's mix it up a little.
Drop 2 M&M's in the 3rd cup. This time, use the stirring stick to stir it!

Now, what does your cup look like?
Mixing, stirring, crushing, or heating
will cause a solute to dissolve faster in a solvent!

If you're making tea or coffee, you might MIX the sugar in!

Think: Will sugar dissolve faster in hot tea or iced tea?
The Last Trial!
This time, we're going to add sugar to the 4th and final cup of water. You may use the stirring stick to mix your sugar into the water.

Once the sugar water is mixed completely, drop 2 M&M's in!

Timekeepers, make sure you time for 1 minute! How long do you think it would take for the colors to mix?
Discussing the Results
The answer is

The water was already
saturated with sugar,
so it couldn't take any
more sugar!
Question 1: Red M&M's
Alice is looking for a good solvent. What could she use?
Question 2: Orange M&M's
Bob pours salt into water and mixes it together. The saltwater is an example of a ________________.
Question 3: Yellow M&M's
In the same saltwater example, what is the solute?
Question 4: Green M&M's
Jenny makes iced coffee, and she pours sugar into her iced coffee. The sugar isn’t dissolving very quickly and the coffee doesn’t taste very sweet. What can Jenny do to speed up the process of dissolving?
Question 5: Blue M&M's
Jenny has stirred her iced coffee, and there is still sugar at the bottom. What could have happened?
Question 6: Brown M&M's
Here is an M&M that has been dissolving over time. The letter ‘M’ has dissolved and floated to the top. Explain why this happened.
*HINT: Is the waxy 'M' more or less soluble?
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