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Presenting the Integrated Administrative Institute

Group 10 Proposal

Daniel Taylor

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Presenting the Integrated Administrative Institute

A Proposal to the Making Learning Meaningful Foundation Presenting the Integrated Administrative Institute Introduction Online Collaboration at IAI Why support IAI? Teaching and Assessment at IAI Our teaching strategies at IAI are organized around project- and team-based learning. We assess students using a variety of methods. Please follow the hyperlink below to view a presentation, which will give you more information. Instruction at IAI The Integrated Administrative Institute (IAI) is a multi-site*, not-for-profit educational initiative, designed to teach current and future adult professionals the skills necessary to thrive in a 21st-century office setting.

Modern office skills require collaboration, agility, and imagination. The IAI is designed to promote these skills, both in its team-based, project-oriented course of study, and its unique classroom environment.

Welcome to the Integrated Administrative Institute.
---------------- *Current sites located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Memphis, Tennessee. The IAI currently offers a two-year Administrative Assistant Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) program. This program is designed to give office professionals the experience they need to compete in the marketplace of the modern office.
The embedded document provides a more detailed description of the Administrative Assistant A.A.S. program. Please review at your leisure. Technology Integration
at IAI Implementation of technological innovation is an integral part of modern business practice. At IAI, our instructional processes integrate technology into the learning experience so that students perform 21st-century business practices, while simultaneously becoming fluent with the "nuts and bolts" of the technology.

EdTech Magazine recently visited the IAI to explore how we integrate technology into our instruction. Their report can be found in their weekly podcast, available at the hyperlink below (click once; wait for the podcast to load):

http://rugglesr.podomatic.com/entry/2013-04-27T08_42_07-07_00 Instruction at IAI, cont. As an example of the team- and project-based learning that is integral to the instruction at IAI, reproduced below is the course outline for the Administrative Office Applications Course (ADT 164), a required 3rd-term course in the Administrative Assistant A.A.S. program. The 21st-century business marketplace is global and collaborative. Our instruction is no different. The use of online collaboration in ADM 164 is presented (and illustrated) below. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/158jHgHptnc7ruxbEQLoKg5wAyUcWbdkiwZtelH1QtW0/edit?usp=sharing (You will need to exit full-screen mode to view this presentation.) A grant from the Making Learning Meaningful Foundation would allow IAI to: Develop additional training programs Continue to develop the "Office Classroom" concept Build additional Office Classrooms in new areas Potential programs include:
Medical insurance specialist
Paralegal Proposed sites include:
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Columbus, Ohio
Augusta, Maine The addition of an "Executive Office" to the Office Classroom would help IAI add executive skills to its curriculum, to better prepare administrative assistants for management tasks. We at the Integrated Administrative Institute are excited about the work we are doing, and the 21st-century methods we are using to teach office professionals. After viewing this proposal, we hope you are as well.
Thank you for your consideration of our proposal. Thank you For best view, got to Full Screen (Button at bottom-right)
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