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Van Earthquake Relief Fund

Van, Turkey

Turkish Philanthropy Funds

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Van Earthquake Relief Fund

Oct. 23rd, 2011 Today, Oct. 2012 Dec. 11, 2011 December, 16 2011 The most immediate necessity was to give victims a place they could call home. TPF awarded the Turkish Red Crescent (Kizilay) a $91,500 grant from the Van Relief Fund, building 15 container homes, equipped with running water and heat. Van Women's Association (VAKAD) called for help. TPF gave a $12,000 grant to VAKAD that was used to provide food and clothing for the most vulnerable, women and children. The earthquake destroyed two of Hisar Anadolu Destek Dernegi (HADD)'s carpet weaving workshops. The workshops provided women financial stability and a confidence boost. With this in mind, TPF jumped at the opportunity to help. $20,000 was awarded
to HADD to rebuild a workshop. Dec. 27, 2011 January 25, 2012 Yuzuncu Yil University in Van was hit extremely hard. Losing almost all of the buildings on campus, they needed help to rebuild. TPF awarded $50,000 to Cagdas Yasami Destek Dernegi (CYDD) to establish an educational unit that consists of classrooms. March 14, 2012 Post-traumatic stress disorder was one of the most common problems among the survivors. TPF gave $50,000 to help establish a Family Counseling Center to provide psychological rehabilitation and psychosocial support services. $25,000 was awarded to Kadın Emegini Degerlendirme Vakfı (KEDV) to build a Women and Children Center in one of the most affected and disadvantaged neighborhoods of Van to provide a safe, collective space to help them recuperate from the earthquake trauma. April 20, 2012 May 9, 2012 KAMER Vakfi has been working to build the self-esteem and financial stability of women in Van. After the disaster, one of their main locations was lost. TPF awarded $20,000 to KAMER to help build a center providing sewing workshops for women. June 7, 2012 TPF provided a grant in the amount of $46,472 to Arama Kurtarma Dernei (AKUT) to purchase two pieces of essential search and rescue equipment. One of which will be used to locate victims trapped in collapsed buildings while the other is a listening device to detect and locate live victims trapped. June 28, 2012 A grant to the amount of $30,000 was given to Türkiye Eitim Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TEGV) to create and implement educational programs and extracurricular activities for children aged 7-16. With the help of TPF, TEGV built an educational unit in Muradiye, Van to house these activities. June 21, 2012 June 21, 2012 June 27, 2012 TPF allotted $1,600 for Van Women's Association (VAKAD) to be used for an Art Therapy Project. The project's main goal was to work with children in Van suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Rebuilding Van, Turkey From Oct. 23rd, 2011 to present day MAG Vakfi received a $13,918 grant from TPF to train teachers on how to respond to earthquakes. Teachers are not only role models, but community leaders. MAG Vakfi chose teachers to pass on their learned knowledge to their students. Turkiye Egitim Vakfi (TEV) received a grant of $33,000. Through a campaign led by Turkcell, the foundation is building housing for teachers in Van. TPF’s funding provides housing for a teacher and their family, encouraging teachers to return to the city and educate the youth. On October 23rd, 2011 a devastating earthquake shattered the already poverty ridden city of Van. Within minutes Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) started a campaign to help the victims. We have raised over $400,000 since. This is a timeline of how we put these resources to work. Listen to grant recipients first-hand and see how, together, we are making a difference. 12 projects and $400,000 later, there is still much to be done in Van. The only way to move forward and allow the city to return to normalcy, is to recognize the work that remains and come together as a community to complete them.
Visit our website to learn more: www.tpfund.org To get involved and learn more, visit www.tpfund.org
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