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IMPMOOC week 1

No description

Diana Hdz

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of IMPMOOC week 1

Propagation and Amplitude IMPMOOC Propagation Sound’s movement through a medium

The “speed of sound” is how fast sound moves through air
340 m/s

It can be impacted by:
The medium through which sound is traveling
Elevation Amplitude The degree of compression and rarefaction of air

When air is less dense than atmospheric pressure due to sound traveling through it, the air is rarefied Introduction to Music Production Week 1 Delay effects are related to sound propagation

Sound in air is a longitudinal wave Loudness is the human perception of amplitude

Lowering amplitude is known as attenuation

Outside the computer the scale for measuring is Sound Pressure Level, and inside the computer is Full Scale, it is measured in decibels

The threshold of hearing is 0 dB Sound Pressure Level
The maximum amplitude inside the computer is 0 dB Full Scale Thank you for watching.
Any constructive criticism is welcome. Propagation and Amplitude are two parameters that are

important for this course because they are the fundamentals of all

the knowledge that we are going to adquire. Therefore it's esencial

to understand them well.
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