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Introduction to Physics

Physics Form 4

hanif harun

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Physics

2. Statement of problem
3. Inference
4. Hypothesis
5. Carry out experiment
6. Measurement and data collecting
7. Analyze data
8. Conclusion
If proved - becomes theory
If fails - suggest new hypothesis Concept of physics is produced through the scientific method of investigation with the following steps: measurement WHAT IS PHYSICS? Scientific method Concept of Physics field of physics Physics is a BRANCH of science which studies physical phenomena natural phenomena rainbow solar eclipse sea/land breeze force & motion heat waves optics nuclear electricity electromagnetism electronics astronomy 1. Observation - use the sense to feel the phenomenon 2. Experiment - perform an experiment to study the required characteristic of
phenomenon 3. Theory - Suggest the cause of the phenomenon studied through the experiment 4. Further Investigation - suggest measurement/ modification 5. Application - invention of technology based on the theory
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