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Navigating ASTRA Schedule: Requesting Events

This guide will walk you step by step in Using the Astra Schedule web client to reserve events in 110 classrooms.

Scheduling NCSU

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Navigating ASTRA Schedule: Requesting Events

The Basics: Requesting and Viewing Events in ASTRA Navigating ASTRA Schedule How do I know it worked? Software used by Registration and Records to reserve rooms
Tracks course room assignments and event requests for university classrooms
For Campus Users only

Questions about requesting an event?
Email – eventsscheduler@ncsu.edu
Questions about course room assignments
Email – scheduling@ncsu.edu "Request an Event" form Send an Event Request Fill in information about your event on the form Filling out the User Request Form Don't forget to select your meeting patterns and rooms! Adding Meetings and Submitting You will receive a confirmation email when it is received The Calendar What is Astra Where to find Astra How do I log-in? http://go.ncsu.edu/Astra Easy!
Just use your unity ID and password The calendar functions helps you browse around for the best time and rooms on a specific date
Good if you are flexible on times and want to look for options Just click on the calendar tab at the top of the page Navigating the Calendar On the Astra Home tab, click on the link in the Astra Schedule Functions box - Note: Make sure you are still logged in! Get started by choosing "Departmental User Form" First time form user? Don't worry if your Department and name don't automatically fill in. Just manually type it in and the Event Scheduler will fix it so next time it does! Put in information about each meeting Create your meeting(s) Look for available rooms Pick your own room! And when you are done, click "Save!" And another once the Event Scheduler has confirmed your room Questions?
Eventsscheduler@ncsu.edu or 919-513-2382 then scroll down to start adding your times, dates, and rooms Hint: An "Event" can be made up of a series of "Meetings," so you can have an "Event Name" as well as different "Meeting Names." Tip: Select multiple days at a time to request the same time over multiple days.

Tip: Each meeting can have its own unique meeting name! If you want a room to be found for you, you can "save" your request to submit it.

To request specific rooms, make sure all meetings are selected and click on "Assign Rooms." Click on "Available" boxes to select rooms for a meeting. Unavailable rooms will have a red box. Filter your results based on size, region, building, and more! To see what has already been scheduled, select the "Scheduling Calendars". The default will be the daily "Grid" view. Click "OK" once you have finished making your selections. Searching in the Calendar 1) Click on the "Edit Search Filter" box in the upper right corner.
2) Select the building of interest by using the drop-down building list. Only one building can be viewed at time.
3) Optional: Select a specific room of interest.

Note: Make sure the room type is set on "Classroom (110)".
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