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Cal Green, LEED and Commissioning 30 Minute

Highlighting the Cal Green Code along with relationship with LEED and Cx requirements.

Joshua Hickman

on 12 January 2011

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Transcript of Cal Green, LEED and Commissioning 30 Minute

What is What is LEED? Who is Farnsworth Group Inc.? Why Third Party Cx? What is Commissioning (Cx)? Founded 1890 Nearly 300 employees 17 offices Nation wide More than 60 LEED AP's 50 Certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects and another 60 in progress Full Service firm Ranked 319 by
Engineering News Record Client first philosophy www.greennavigation.com www.f-w.com www.usgbc.org quality STEPS Designate CxA
Document OPR/ BOD, CxA to review
Cx Plan
Cx requirements in CD’s - general requirements
and divisions
Design Review prior to mid CD’s
Review contractor submittals
Verify installation and performance of systems
Systems manual
Verify Training requirements
Cx report
Review building within 10 months Documented as CxA in at least 2 buildings
Independent from design and CM but can be from the same firm (exempt if under 50k gsf)
May not be an employee of the design firm(s) (Enhanced Cx)
Report directly to the owner SYSTEMS HVAC&R and associated controls

Lighting and daylighting controls

Domestic hot water systems

Renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal)

Landscape Irrigation

Water Reuse Systems

*Additional Possibilities Reduced energy use
Lower operating costs
Fewer call backs
Better building documentation
Improved occupant productivity
Verification of systems performance
Obtain green certifications "Owners can achieve savings in operations of $4 over the first five years of occupancy as a direct result of every $1 invested in commissioning—an excellent return on investment." 2008. National Institute of Building Sciences. Bringing onto the team too late
Do not want to spend money
Assume already provided
Contractor disputes
Living documents PITFALLS Does the Design/ Construction team provide? Design Professional Agreement Construction Contract No “second set of eyes” as provided by Cx
No quality verification beyond field observations
May not have the same level of field/testing experience
No Cx requirements/tasks specified
No performance criteria or test witnessing
No incentive to correct deficiencies
No eyes in the field as provided by Cx Title 24 - California Building Standards Code Part 1 - Building Standards Administration Code
Part 2 - Building Code
Part 3 - Electrical Code
Part 4 - Mechanical Code
Part 5 - Plumbing Code
Part 6 - Energy Code
Part 7 - No Longer Published in Title 24
Part 8 - Historical Building Code
Part 9 - Fire Code
Part 10 - Existing Building Code

Part 12 - Reference Standards Code Effective January 1, 2011 Mandatory requirements Commissioning for buildings over 10,000sf Sustainable design measures City or county can enact local ordinances
establishing more restrictive standards. Voluntary Measures Tier 1 Tier 2 Does CALGreen = LEED? *CALGreen requires projects to meet energy code (Title 24 Part 6). LEED requires minimum 10% better. CALGreen applies to every building in CA.
LEED, Build It Green and other rating systems apply to less than 1 percent of the built environment. "We believe green building rating systems and programs are both distinct and complementary to CALGreen."

- Dave Walls
Executive Director of the California Building Standards Commission
Non Code Compliant Code Compliant LEED Advanced Buildings CALGreen Mandatory measures satisfy 9 LEED points. Can easily obtain 19 Tier 1 will automatically satisfy 20 but can easily obtain 30 Tier 2 will automatically satisfy 35 but can easily obtain 45 Architects Engineers Energy Modelers Surveyors Scientists Engineering Energy Modeling Commissioning (Cx) Sustainability Consulting Energy Audits/ Retro Cx com·mis·sion·ing (verb)
To put (a ship) into active service
—from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Trained personnel with experience on
projects of comparable size and complexity. Independant 3rd party
Engineer/ Designer
Owners engineer or facility staff
Specialty sub contractor Cx Land Development Grants Voluntary internationally recognized third party green
building certification system. Similar categories www.gbci.org <50,000sf 50,000 -
500,000sf $2,500 *Based on seperate design and construction reviews Registration Fee $900 Review Fees >500,000sf $0.05/ sf $25,000 $0.50 - 1.00/ sf
Environmental Building News -2010 Farnsworth Group
can provide fee Some required by CALGreen: Bike racks - $5/ FTE Occupancy Sensors - $25/ fixture *more for smaller more complex projects Added costs can be offset elsewhere www.Buildinggreen.com ? "The purpose of this code is to improve public
health, safety and general welfare by enhancing the design and construction of buildings through the use of building concepts having a reduced negative impact or positive environmental impact and encouraging sustainable construction practices" CALGreen Section 101.2 CA Green Building Initiative - Executive Order S-20-04
Reduce grid-based electricity by 20% in state-owned buildings by 2015
Reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 - Assembly Bill 32
Reduce state green house gas (GHG) emissions to 1990 levels by 2020 Statewide Mandated Green Building Code Why? Even though it is not as stringent and may not be as technically enforced, the CalGreen code should have a much bigger impact.
& Commissioning + *There are 6433 total LEED certified projects (as of 1.10.2010) Westmont College - Winter Hall Aquarium of the Pacific- Animal Care Center College of the Desert - Student Service Center Westmont College - Adams Center Part 11 - Green Building Standards Code verifying and documenting that a building and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the owners project requirements.”
-ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005- OPTIONS
Municipality hires independant CxA/ sustainability inspector
List of approved CxA/ sustainability inspector for developer
Cx training for staff QCxP “A focused process for enhancing the
delivery of a project. Cx is the process of Sustainable Sites Indoor Environmental Quality Materials and Resources Energy and Atmosphere Water Efficiency Title 1 - General Provisions
Title 2 - Administration
Title 3 - Food and Agriculture
Title 4 - Business Regulations
Title 5 - Education
Title 7 - Harbors and Navigation
Title 8 - Industrial Relations
Title 9 - Rehabilitative and Development Services
Title 10 - Investment
Title 11 - Law
Title 12 - Military and Veterans Affairs
Title 13 - Motor Vehicles
Title 14 - Natural Resources
Title 15 - Crime Prevention and Corrections
Title 16 - Professional and Vocational Regulations
Title 17 - Public Health
Title 18 - Public Revenues
Title 19 - Public Safety
Title 20 - Public Utilities and Energy
Title 21 - Public Works
Title 22 - Social Security
Title 23 - Waters

Title 25 - Housing and Community Development
Title 26 - Toxics
Title 27 - Environmental Protecti0on
Title 28 - Managed Health Care
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