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Robert Pattinson

No description

Chandler Vaughn

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Robert Pattinson

-Robert Pattinson :) Childhood May 13, 1986 London, England. Education All Boys school called the bell tower...
He was expelled at age 12. Then he started modeling ;-) Work&Acheivements Gorgeous! :) Famous For:
Playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga movies :) "And then I was cool and
discovered hair jel..."
-Robert Pattinson Newest Movie:
Remember Me. mOVIE aWARDS:
mtv bEST fIGHT
mTV Best onscreen kiss
&& more... Reasons i picked Robert Pattinson :) 1. He's in Twilight!
2. He has an awesome accent :)
3. He is a talented actor.
4. We were made for each other! :-)
5. He's from London.
6. He's GORGEOUS!!! His first role was in Harry Potter,
he played Cedric. He almost quit his acting career
because he didnt think he was
good enough. Long Story Short,
Robert Pattinson is
Perfect!!! :-) Dont You Agree? ;-)
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