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Copy of Child Care reform in Moldova

Child wellfare

Ana Niculaes

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Child Care reform in Moldova

Aspects of Child care in Moldova
Where is Moldova?
The area is almost
as Maryland
In 1991 when U.S.S.R.
collapsed, Moldova -
Independent (23 years)

Law on children's rights
Social Work School
National Council for Child Protection
Hague Convention on international adoption
National Strategy on the protection of Child Rights
Plan of action (2003-2008)
National Strategy Education for All 2004-2015
Penal Code-prohibition of corporal punishment
Law on Social Assistance
Ministry of Labour and Social Protection
Ministry of Social Protection, Family and Child
Alliance of NGOs active in social protection of family and child
National Network of Community social assistants
National Strategy on Reform of Residential Care System for Children 2007-2012
Foster Care Service
Law on prevention
of family abuse
National Health Strategy
Defining features for policy environment for
child care in Moldova
Donor Funds
15% social protection
2% education
Declining population
children diminish from 773,000
(out of 3,57 million)
to 665,000
High rate of Migration
one child in every four has a parent living abroad
Global Financial Crisis
low income
Fluctuation in economic grow and politics
Confusion about responsibilities
Education vs social protection
Social Workers has increased from fewer than 100 to about 1000 in a little over two years which improved the access to social services
Human resource
from 10 billion MDL in 2003
to 25.7 billion MDL in 2008
Very high need
Health system worldwide
Day Care; Family substitute; temporary placement; rehabilitation centers; prosthesis services
Residential institutions 24/24
by Ana Niculaes,
International Visiting Scholar
Pedagogical State University , Chisinau

Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children
“Casa Gavroche” shelter for street children
La Strada - National NGO in combating human traficing and promoting safe migration
Little Mary's House- the shelter for children victims of domestic violence
NGO Motivation - transformig disability into ability
To be continued...
During soviet period, social problems or unrecognized or minimized

Social issues like:
child abuse,
child abandonment
Were hidden in homes or large institutions,
that provided medical care and accommodation.
Social Workers
did not exist.

In order to create a modern system of community based social services we had to built the profession of social work from the ground up.
To promote social inclusion of people who are in need of service due to disabling conditions, situation of poverty, abandonment, institutionalization, and other adverse social conditions throughout Moldova.
Foster service
Inclusive Education
Community Centers
Supported Living
Family support services

More info: http://www.keystonemoldova.md/en/
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