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Fitness Training & Programming

Principles of Training

Dafydd James

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Fitness Training & Programming

Working towards Assignment 2
Principles of Training
Learning Objectives
Re-cap principles of training
Key Principles when planning a Training Programme
How can you ensure that a training programme is tailored to an individuals needs?
Match the definition to the training principle
Identify the FITT principle and how it is linked to programme design
Identify target groups
'Winning isn't everything, but it beats anything that comes in second'
Why is it important for a training programme to be specific?
1. If you keep training at the same intensity and duration your body will reach a plateau where limited gains are made. Intensity must be gradually and continually increased over time
2. Training over a period of time with consistent intensity increases and training variety
3. Training must be matched to the needs of the sporting activity to improve fitness in the body parts the sport uses
4. Using a variety of training methods (or exercises) avoids boredom in training
5. When training ceases the training effect will also stop
List the type of individuals you could design a specific training programme for...
Name the film this quote is from........
"Dillon, you son of a bi**h"
Goal Setting
1. Name the actor
2. What component(s) of fitness are being displayed?
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