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Great Expectations- Main Events

No description

Liberty Pring

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Great Expectations- Main Events

Main Events Great Expectations Pip meets Magwitch Pip discovers Estellas parentage Pip sits in the cemetry and looks at the graves of his parents and then Magwitch, an escaped convict, comes out from behind the graves. Magwitch talks to Pip and orders him to go home and give him some food and a file. Pip returns later with a file, a pork pie and some bread. When Magwitch is found he covers for Pip and says that he stole the food and file. Miss Havisham asks for a boy from the village to go to Satis House and play, so Pumblechook says Pip will do it. Pip goes to Satis House where he meets Estella, whom he falls in love with despite all her nasty remarks, and Miss Havisham, the wealthy and eccentric owner of Satis House, for the first time. Pip goes to Satis House Miss Havisham asks for Pip to go to her house with Joe next time so he does just that and she pays for him to become Joe's apprentice at the forge, but Pip isn't happy with the arrangements. Pip wants to better himself and become an educated gentleman. Pip becomes an apprentice One night Mrs Joe is attacked and injured so badly that she can no longer talk and is an invalid. We later learn that it was Orlick who attacked her. Mrs Joe is attacked Pip realises, through stories told by Magwitch, that Magwitch is Estellas biological father, and that Jaggers maid, Molly, is Estellas mother. He discovers that when Molly found out she was to be on trial Jaggers, her legal adviser, took her baby and gave her to Miss Havisham to raise how she pleased. Pip learns all this whilst with Wemmick and Jaggers at the office in Little Britain. Pip meets Jaggers and learns of his 'great expectations' Mr Jaggers, a lawyer from London who happens to be Miss Havishams lawyer, turns up at the forge and has a meeting with Pip, where he tells him that he has a secret benefactor who is paying for him to go to London to be educated and made into a gentleman. The terms are such that Pip can't know who his benefactor is, but he is convinced that it could be none other than Miss Havisham and that therefore Miss Havisham intends for him to marry Estella. Pip befriends Herbert (otherwise known as the 'pale young gentleman') Pip first met Herbert at Satis House and fought him, not knowing who he was at the time. When he moves to London Herbert's father, Matthew Pocket is his tutor and Herbert and Pip become friends from the outset. They move in together and stay friends throughout the novel. Later on Pip secretly pays for Herbert to join a business, with the help of his other friend Wemmick. Mrs Joe dies Pip goes back to the village and the forge for Mrs Joes funeral, where he sees Joe and Biddy. Magwitch reveals himself as Pips benefactor Magwitch goes into Pip and Herberts apartment and announces to a stunned Pip that it is him who is Pips benefactor, not Miss Havisham, like he had led himself to belief. He tells Pip that he was so moved by Pips act of kindness when he was just a boy that he dedicated his life to making Pip a gentleman, and made his fortune in Australia for that very reason. At first Pip is appalled and only agrees to help him escape London because he feels he has to, but later he comes to care for Magwitch Joe visits Pip and he sees Estella in London Joe goes to London to pay Pip a visit, but Pip is embarrassed by him because he is not a gentleman. Also, Pip sees Estella and is still as in love with her as ever, if not more so. Pip finds out about Compeyson When Pip realises that someone has been following Magwitch, Magwitch tells him his story about Compeyson and about how Compeyson mistreated Magwitch. Pip also discovers that Compeyson was Miss Havishams lover who jilted her at the altar and left her heartbroken, as well as finding out he was the second convict on the marshes when he was a boy. Estella marries Bentley Drummle Bentley Drummle was taught by Matthew Pocket at the same time Pip was and Pip disliked him from their introduction. Pip is heartbroken at this piece of news, not just because Estella is getting married to someone else but also because it is Drummle. Fire at Satis House Pip makes a visit to Satis House where Miss Havisham shows a lot of remorse and begs him for forgiveness of the way she treated him in the past. Pip forgives her but later on in the day Miss Havisham bends over the fire and consequently sets on fire. Pip saves her from burning to death and gets burnt in the process. She then becomes an invalid, the fire is almost a punishment for her being so cruel. Orlick tries to kill Pip Orlick lures Pip to the marshes and tells Pip of his plans to kill him because Pip lost him his job at Satis House. Pip is told by him that it was he who attacked Mrs Joe all those years ago. Orlick is just about to kill Pip when Herbert arrives and saves Pips live, they then hurry back to London so they can help Magwitch escape. Magwitch tries to escape London Pip, Herbert and Magwitch make their way down the Thames with the aim of getting on a boat and leaving the country. However, the police, aided by Compeyson, intercept them and a fight breaks out between Magwitch and Compeyson in the river. Compeyson drowns in the river and Magwitch is sentenced to death. Magwitch dies Joe cares for Pip Reunited with Estella Whilst Magwitch is in prison he dies within his cell, with Pip by his side. Just before he dies Pip tells him that his daughter is Estella and she is alive and well, so Magwitch dies in peace. After Magwitch dies Pip fall very ill and Joe comes up to London to care for him. When Pip is dependent upon Joe it becomes just like old times and everything is reconciled. Joe tells Pip that Orlick is in prison, Miss Havisham has died and Biddy has taught him to read and write. After Joe leaves London suddenly Pip goes back home to see him and finds that Biddy got married to Joe on that very day. Pip then choose to go abroad to work with Herbert and live with him and Clara but many years later he returns to the village. On his return he learns that Biddy and Joe have had a child, named Pip. When Pip goes to visit Satis House he encounters Estella, whom is now a widow. Pip finds that Estella is no longer cold and cruel, but sad and kind. They leave the ruined gardens of Satis House together, hand in hand.
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