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8th Grade Math Vocabulary

This prezi is aboout vocabulary words. 8th grade math vocabulary words, Theres only 10 and there the words that I learned in 8th grade.

Abbey Greene

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of 8th Grade Math Vocabulary

8th Grade Math Vocabulary. Heres a list of about 10 vocab words that we will take you through all the deffenitions and examples. Vocabulary:
1) Square Root
2) interquartile range
3) outlier
4) quartile
5) probability
6) rate
7) proporstions
8) funtion
9) precision
10) tolerance
Vocabulary Word:
1) Spuare Root Deffinition:
A number that, when squared,
yeilds a given number. Example:
5x5=25 like the square root or 25 is 5. Vocabulary Word:
interquartile range. Defenition: The range of values
of a frequency distribution between
the first and third quartile. Example: Its to find the distance between numbers.
Its almost like using a box-n-whisker plot but not all the way.
It wants to find the distance between the first and the third number in your quartile.
So lets say the first quartile is 45 and the third quartile is 66 the way I would subtract the 2 and get your answer which wouold be 22 so their 22 numbers apart. Vocabulary Word:
Outlier. Deffinition:
A value much greater of
much less than the
others in a data set. Example: Again a Box-n-shisker plot
can be very helpful to tell how far
the numbers are apart from eachother.
Vocabulary Word:
Quartile Deffinition: A quartile is a part of
a Box-n-whisker plot. It could be the lower or the higher quartile. There is only 2 different types of quartiles. Example: Lower Quaritle Higher Quartile Vocabulary Word:
Probability Deffiniton: Probability is the Odds of getting
something that is unlikley for you to get.
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