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The Band-Aid

No description

Hulk Hogen

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The Band-Aid

By: Cara, Kaleb, Casey The Band-Aid What is your artifact?
"The Band-Aid" What is the purpose of a Band-Aid?
An adhesive bandage to protect small cuts or blisters. Who was the original inventor and when was it invented?

Johnson & Johnson invented the Band-Aid in 1920. How was it used when orig. invented? How is it used today? Use to protect and bandage small cuts, used the same today. Some of the innovations since its original invention.
-Originally handmade 1920
-Becomes sterile 1938
-Added designs 1956
-Antiseptic infused 1997 Category of Technology: Medical How has this product impacted us in a positive way?

The Band-Aid stops infections of small cuts. How has this product impacted society in a negative way? May keep a person from visiting the doctor when you can just apply a bandaid. Example Science Technology Engineering Math Band aid Adhesive on the band aid that makes it stick Design on band aid, and can be easily removed. Building the band aid. Size calculations of the Band aid
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