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Los 60 fue una decada llena de moda y diferentes formas de vestir.

sebastian gomez

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of MODA EN LA DECADA DE LOS 60

HISTORY OF FASHION IN THE DECADE OF THE 60's subcultures of the 60s DRESS THE MOST USED PRNDAS A decade in which all modern and independent women wanted to show these issues getting a haircut with a famous court imposed Mary Quant (nicknamed the queen of the miniskirt) consisting of a hairstyle "mushroom" as used by the Beatles.
The ideal of the decade was not showing feminine attributes and curves, but, on the contrary seem nymphs delegated child showing his hand as a game of seduction. Haircuts of the 60s Offered a number of different trends. It was a decade that broke many fashion
traditions, mirroring social movements during this period.
A mid appeared: culottes, dresses shaped PVC box and go-go boots.
The popular bikini came into fashion in 1963 after appearing in the musical "Beach Party". kind of clothes from the 60s In the Decade of the 60's step fashion by many different styles there is different, original clothing. Fun, and
extravagant. At the beginning of this period the films with thematic t-shirts had a great influence, from this also

generated miniskirts. At this time the bands of rock and his look, had much influence, with his philosophy

anti war and its ideology of a perfect society, the hippies are a basic element in the moda 60's, fashion influence he had in the 60s from 1960 to 1964: chanel style dresses, small caps or hats without wing, cigarette pants.

from 1965 to 1970: the skirts become shorter, mini appear, disappear full skirts, pants flare out at
the bottom and the prints are very colorful, fashion is heavily influenced by the hippie aesthetic.

in the latter years of the decade, fashion aesthetics also greatly influences the commercial fashion,
with mini and colorful pop style.

For men: pants narrowed. were small lapels and ties. used jackets, leather jackets and pants or
jeans. It showed more skin and curves. Mary Quant, stunned the world with the miniskirt. Arise hot pants. The typical costume pajamas or "culotte" was essential to look fashionable in the holidays. The men grow their hair and mustache in a exgerada, are many beards and sideburns. Also in menswear were brightly colored polyester pants, and turtleneck sweaters.
Spatial mod appears, with this approach futuristic and minimalist.The hippie movement was born. Proponents of this movement that enacts "peace and love" are the first recycled fashion and create individual styles, with psicolédicos drawings and images related to the effects of hallucinogens
The ideal of the decade was not showing feminine attributes and curves, but, on the contrary seem nymphs delegated child showing his hand as a game of seduction.
The artificiality of the 50 had been set aside. It was not used stilettos or excessive makeup. Lipstick was frowned upon, I was only allowed a bit of sparkle to simulate moisture infant mouths. For eyes worth all that could collaborate to enlarge them as girls. The best example of this boyish look was Twiggy, who won the pop star status.
The flowers were a symbol of youth, as Mary Quant Daisy, I looked on plastic ornaments or print genres.
A time where lived the euphoria about the future and space, made the white and silver are the rage. Both the clothes and the makeup seemed to come directly from space
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