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J.W. Gerth

A fairly new school within the Waterloo Regional District School Board which opened 2 September 2008.

sonja pratt

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of J.W. Gerth

Opened 2 September 2008 J.W. Gerth Public School J.W. Gerth Public School Named in honour of
Bill Gerth,
former Director of Education at the Waterloo Regional District School Board from 2003-06. J.W. Gerth Public School The mission statement was based on Bill Gerth's philosophy that all decisions must be based on what is best for students. J.W. Gerth: Where Students come first - Always! The school's interior was inspired by a painting of the Canadian Group of Seven artist. The Red Maple
by A.Y. Jackson The colour scheme gives the school a warm and inviting first impressions.

7 Kindergarten classes
5 grade ones
5 grade twos
3 grade threes
1 grade 3/4
1 grade four
1 grade 4/5
1 grade five
2 grade sixes Demographics Abiding by the four tribes agreements... J.W. Gerth Public School is a proud Tribes Community
"We will listen with our eyes, ears and hearts." Attentive Listening Mutual Respect "We will treat people the way we want to be treated." Appreciation "We will speak kindly to others and think of other people's feelings." Right to Participate "We have the right to pass in certain activities and to know the more we participate the more we gain." J.W. Gerth's Teachers Teachers meet weekly to
discuss concerns and develop short term and targeted goals. The teachers are committed to a long list
of extracurricular activities, which include...
the running club
the homework club
the choir
the dance club
the bucket drums club
the chess club
and many more school Policies and Resources Wolves Wonderland school yard
recycling programme We're the Wolves!!! Built to accommodate 500 students, J.W. Gerth is brimming at a current student population of 642. computer lab Special Education Library Literacy room boomerang lunch http://www.wrdsb.ca/ Have you filled your bucket today? Complementing the lessons of the tribes community is the school-wide adoption of the philosophy taught in Roth and Clifton's book... We're the Wolves!!!

JW Gerth is the best school around!
Listen to our song, get the feeling of the sound.
We're learning from each other, a family today
Respect is what we show when at work or at play!

Chorus (wolf howl)

We will try our best in whatever we do,
Put us to the test and we're sure to come through.
Friendship is important, you know we all care!
We have go the spirit, put our howl in the air!

Chorus (wolf howl)

1 2 3 4 We're the wolves, we'll give you more!
5 6 7 8 Gerth Wolves are really great!

Chorus (wolf howl)

music and lyrics by Christine Ritchie
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