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Evacuation plan

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Evacuation plan

Disneyland Evacuation plan
Joined Force Solutions
Contract: Associated Press
Telephone: (714) 555-555
Public relations
Disneyland evacuation

Join Forced Solutions planned a scenario that happened November 11, 2013 our gathered together to form an evacuation plan to keep the people in Disney calm and evacuated out safely so that no one was harmed nor injured. We managed to do the best we came up with and got everyone out safe, and away from where the bomb was planted.
Our team provided information that was sent throughout the park and sent through social medias for example: Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. Thank you for your cooperation and you can email or ask for further questions.

L.E. and Fire
Press release
Cast members
Disneyland security is dressed up as tourist to keep threats unaware of their presence. There are police officers, firefighters, and paramedics on site at all times Disneyland has their own medical center and fire department that use the same command system as law enforcement agencies. Local authorities are always present at the resort and search everyone's bags upon entering. It has over 500 hidden cameras spread throughout the resort in strategic places. Disneyland also has an extensive two-way radios that the cast members use to communicate with one another at any time. Along with the hidden cameras,they have over 900 AED(automated external defibrillator) all across the park and each cast member knows how to use the efficiently and professionally.
The cast members will us their radios to efficiently and professionally evacuate the people out of the park. They'll communicate and close off dangerous routes and anywhere near the threat. The cast members will also be able to assist the tourists in any medical way because they have their own hospital on the premises for fast medical attention. They'll be guided to shuttles and buses to be driven to the Angel stadium and into a safe location. The shuttles will be supervised by the cast members and will assist in calming down the tourists on route. The cast members will be the last to be evacuated due to the fact that they'll be guiding people and assisting them onto the shuttles and away from the threat.
We as the commuter are going to responsible to get our message out to the public at both parks. We are going to send messages through all the speakers through the restrooms, restaurants , hotels lobbies, hallways, and send emails to co-workers, employees are on use of technology. We are also going to have bright posters with signs on them to direct our people. Our responsibility to notify everyone at Disneyland and to keep our people safe and unharmed.
In our law enforcement plan we want to keep people safe as possible and shut down main streets, freeways, businesses, and evacuate homes around Disneyland. We will have CHP(California Highway Patrol) block off all exits leading to Disneyland. We will also have local police and surrounding city law enforcement agencies help with the mutual aid police and fire department help block and move traffic away from Disneyland. We will have the national guard come help contain control of the situation inside and outside of the park.
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