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Intercultural New Media Project

No description

david zambal

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Intercultural New Media Project

Intercultural New Media Project Politics Traditions Music Programme: Grooveshark Food and drinks Favorite places Programme: Twitter www.vimeo.com Programme: Google Earth/Maps

Task descritpion:
•Send your partner your home address
•Send him/her names of your favorite places
•Partner has to find the places
•Partner sends you a written description of the places and describes any differences in the two places

Follow-up activity (in class):
• Was the description correct? Surprises? Differences?
• Anyone can find your house online!
• Have you agreed to Google Earth to take pictures?
• Advantages/Disadvantages?
• Surveillance in general? Programme: Wiki (wikispaces.com) Structure of project 1. Video - Stereotypes
2. Find a study-buddy
3. Project phase - interactive component
Five topics:
Task/programme discussed in class
Homework tasks with study-buddy
Follow-up activity in class
4. Revised video Aims Critical media analysis
Developing digital literacy
More authentic learning
Better understanding of other cultures
"Soft-skills" Discussion Feedback:
How did you feel about the tasks?
What are the strong and weak points of the project? • Create playlists (without account) + save them (with account)
• Follow artists and friends
• Upload music
• Search for individual songs, artists, albums, genres, popular playlists
• Create your own profile Invite members
Add new pages
Table of Contents
Video / Map / Image
Chat Agenda Group tasks For following lesson:
Follow-up activity in class:
Discussion questions + reflection on programme and task in general Create a homework task for your imaginary class:

Students have to use:
Given topic + what they think is typical for Austria
Given New Media programme
Interaction with study-buddy from other country 1. Theoretical background /Aims
2. Task description / Programmes / Example
3. Project Phase / Presentations
4. Discussion Difference to YouTube? Features: Upload HD videos
Privacy control
Possibility of editing
Create albums, channels, groups... Add content
Follow content
Connect with people Cooperation with school from other country
Example: etwinning.net
Our target group: level B1-B2
Topic: Stereotypes
Subjects: Foreign languages, History, Geography, Music, Political Education, ... Listen to music + watch videos
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