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No description

Karina Dyner

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Tsunami

What are they?
Tsunamis are immense waves (like EXTREMELY huge) caused by the movement of tectonic plates (earthquakes). When they occur, they usually destroy everything and anything in their path, even entire cities.
When were they discovered?
The exact date is unknown. It is a natural disaster, and something generation, and generations have known about. We also realized when we had searched for quite a while with still no results.
For how do they form:
Publisher+Author: Discovery Communications, LLC
Date made: 2012 Date Accessed: 12/8/13
How do they form?
How to protect yourself and your loved ones
By: Karina Dyner, Valerie Rabinovich, and Sofia Andrade
Tsunamis form when Earths tectonic plates slip beneath each other (earthquakes) and make the sea level rise.
For how to protect yourself and your loved ones 1:
Publisher+Author: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Date made: 2013 Date Accessed: 12/8/13
It is extremely important to protect yourself in a tsunami. They have caused countless deaths, injuries,, homelessness, poverty, loss of hope, and other critical things. It has also affected animals in similar ways, for when too small, they get covered in rubbish and debris from man-made structures to even trees,.

1. Pay close attention!!! There are many natural signs that tsunamis will happen soon. I.E. Waves travel a lot faster when a Tsunami is approaching.

2. Stay away from sea, and stay in higher ground .

3. Have a safety kit, full of canned food, water, 1st aid supplies, and other necessary things.

4. Make an evacuation plan, and set some rules with your family/housemates

For how to protect yourself and your loved ones 1:
Publisher+Author: Surfnetkids.com, Inc.
Date made: 1996-2013 Date Accessed: 12/8/13
Book : Adamson, Thomas K. Tsunamis. Mankato, MN: Capstone, 2006. Print
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