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Would You Rather...?

No description

Rachel Young

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Would You Rather...?

Would You Rather...?
ㅈㅐWould You Rather...?
Would you rather...?
Complete worksheet section B. You have 3 minutes.
Complete section C with a partner.
Create your own "would your rather" question.
"Would you rather..?" is an conversation game commonly played in English speaking country.
In this game you are presented with two choices.
You must pick one and justify your reasons.
But first, let's review the expressions you'll need to know.
Would you rather + verb + A or B
When making a question:
Would you rather
an apple
an orange?
When answering:
I would prefer to ...
I would choose to ...
I would rather... than....
I would prefer to eat an apple.
I would choose to eat an orange.
I would rather eat an apple than an orange.
Answer the following questions on your worksheets.
Would you rather eat Mcdonald's or Lotteria?
Would you rather have the ability to teleport or be able to time travel?
Would you rather be deaf or not be able to smell at all?
Would you rather swim with snakes or with crocodiles?
Would you rather have a stomachache or a headache?
Would you rather be able to ONLY whisper or ONLY shout?
Would you rather be 4 feet (122 cm) tall or 8 feet (243 cm) tall?
Would you rather be bald or be an albino?
Would you rather sleep in a bed of spiders or eat 10 cockroaches?
Would you rather be married to an ugly rich person or a beautiful poor person?
Would you rather eat candy or fruits?
Mr. Hong(He/ She OR Person's name) would rather eat fruit than candy because fruit is better for his health.
You have 5 minutes!
Next, using your "would you rather..?" questions to take a poll of 10 students.
Write your results on your worksheet.
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